Sunday, January 02, 2011

Harps and k

One of the best parts of going home was watching Harper meet our blackcat, Ringo. (That's her official name, picked by me circa 1994, mid complete Beatles obsession -- but we usually called her Black Kitty or The Black One because, well, she was black? And?)

Harps took to her right away. It was kind of insane, really. Her eyes would light up, her legs kick, her hands grabby grab. But the nuttiest thing was how instantly she understood how to talk about her. Meaning? She'd point and say "kkkkkkkk" (as in kitty). I didn't believe my mom at first when she said H was doing it, but as the week went on and the pointing/kkkkk'ng continued I was a believer.

She'd wake up in the morning with a string of "mamamama dadadadaaa kkkkkkkkk" and so we'd take her down to k's little bed and let HJ get her fill.

The whole thing was just scrumptious and gave me a little sneakpeak into how awesome it will be to see her interact with a sister/brother one day. Momswoon!

But after we left Maine, the black one went downhill fast. My mom took her to the vet who found little tumors and a heart that wasn't working right. She wasn't in pain yet, but she would be soon. My poor mom made the hard (but right) decision to put her down before she could suffer. The little bug was 16 and sweet as a pea until the very end.

I'm usually kind of a coldheart when it comes to pet stuff. I love the ones near to me, but no one's going to label me an animal girl. But damn this hit me hard, guys.

Sooo...thanks for letting me write it out a bit.

I sometimes feel like talking-about-animals is the same as talking-about-dreams. No one wants to hear about them? Or again -- maybe that's just my coldheart speaking. Lalala!

Anywho. Sad day, but I've got this really happy video from Ringo's last week. This was an hour into H being gleefully up in her grill and she was just sighing and purring and rolling with it. (Please excuse my grating voice. I swear I don't sound that awful in real life. *hopes*)


  1. i lurve your "talking to harper" voice

  2. also, i pretty sure that people really enjoy hearing about my dreams...

  3. My kitty is 17 and in beginning stages of kidney failure. I've had him since I was 14 years old, and I'm a total softie when it comes to the animal folk, so I will be a mess and I am so sorry for your family's loss. Cuteness with the H lady though.

  4. Sorry about your kitty loss. I am completely serious when I say that I think I might need a counseling or two when I lose my beloved Toonses who I've had since college. But I'm kind of a cat freak, so there you go.

    Can't watch your video for some reason. It's making Bella despondent.

  5. oh no! so sorry to hear about Ringo. a good kitty is hard to find. :) in all seriousness, I was slightly devastated when one of my beloved cats died years ago. that said, you're dreams comment totes cracked me up - never thought about it but you're soo right. luckily I can never remem my dreams!

  6. christie6:43 AM

    Well, I AM an animal person and well, yeah... that video killed me. KILLED ME.

    And why do you sound like Britney Spears?

  7. Sorry about Ringo. Hugs your way. Glad you guys fit in some last snuggles while you were back east.

  8. thank you for all your sweet comments! i have so many cat luvin readers! yay.

    and christie -- i don't know! but i do! this is distressing.

  9. I am so sorry about the cat, Amy! It is really sad to have to say goodbye to pets for their own good. My sister (in Maine) had to put her dog down this weekend due to lymphoma. Makes you sad even to hear about someone else putting their pet down!

    Hopefully, things perk up soon!

  10. The way she would go limp in a euphoric state when T picked her up - she did love him so.


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