Monday, January 24, 2011

I have a genuine question about babies-almost-toddlers

Is it normal that:

1) My child is fearless? (Okay, she doesn't love all dogs. Or when cc wears hats. Or when my mom's hair got wet in the shower.) But I mean, like...lives her life on her tiptoes, trying to reach everything and anything. Trying to climb up onto our bed, trying to get inside/live inside the dishwasher (usually to great success), get inside/live inside the stove (I'm laidback, but I'm not that laidback), climb the stairs without a backward glance, will hang over the side of the couch upside down to reach the pepper shaker. (Her new favorite snack?)
She WORKS, hard, all day long to get stuff done. Naughty stuff mostly. But she's literally breathing heavy and sweating she's working so hard with all that fearlessness and impness. Just like me and cc....(no).

2) Has a teenage 'tude already? As in...she runs away from me with glee, finds an open door, looks at me, waves and then slams it in my face? Over and over again, giggling and slamming, giggling and slamming. I'm having terrifying and haunting flash-forwards.

3) Will make THE MOST IRRITATING WHINING NOISE OF ALL EARTH'S TIME until she gets exactly what she wants. (Pinto beans, my glasses, Glee blasting.) And it's not a ohhhh the bebe is saaaad noise. It's a: I am baby monster and I will wield this powerful sword of whine. Like that.

4) She already does this to boys (yes, there's a real life two-year-old lost under there somewhere):

I'm sorry, Naveen. It won't happen again?

5) Her cheeks taste like lollipops and fresh cut grass.


  1. curt has been guilty of one and two since the day he was born, i swear. that kid is sassy and rough. he never made a whining noise, he would let out TREMENDOUS SIGHS like he can't BELIEVE his life is so HARD, GUYS.

    harps and i have a similar approach to dudes.

  2. Bella does/did a lot of that same stuff. I think it's just personality dependent. Like the fact that Bella is the only child at the end of separation-time at ECFE classes that is like, "Oh, it's my mom. Meh." Seperation anxiety? No, SANK YOU, as B would say. Other people are just too much fun.

    We also deal w/the whining on occasion, but I suspect that will improve as vocab starts up. I can't decide how to handle the whining. Say I can't hear whining? Just totally ignore? Get the object/thing/music and thus perpetuate said whining? Parenting mystery.

    B tackles her cousin Sol like that. And other children. Much love for others.

    Speaking of my child, I smell something a-brewin' in the air. Best do some diaper changing.

  3. My (almost) 7 month old smiled at me the other day, so I leaned down to kiss her and as she batted her eyelashes, she randomly reached up and grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and screamed, "AHHHHHHHHHH!"


    I'm real glad her and Harper don't live close to each other because they'd probably go around breaking crap and setting it on fire mmk? Everly could ride around on Harper's back.

    The pic of her shoving the little guy's face into the mattress... LOL. Poor fella.

    You must record the whining noise, if not for us then for yourself. Someone told me once to record those noises because you'll want to know what they sounded like. I didn't believe them but recorded Everly crying as a newborn anyway, and listened to it the other day and it was... wild. And special. And kind of weird.

    Sounds like a fun age to look forward to ;)

  4. Totally normal. They're realizing their super powers of as babies and whining is the most effective means of communication. Ask my husband. I bought him 3 packs of Diet Dr Peppers so I wouldn't have to hear him whine.
    Just work thru it, distract often and be consistent. The whining...We put our foot down and just distracted him all the time. When he got more conscious of the use of his whine, I just upped the basic signing and told him I couldn't understand him when he didn't use words or signed. I'm a bit of a toughie.
    And btw, my son totally pulled that slamming door joke on my mom when he'd try to ditch her. It was all sorts of clever.

  5. ha! i love this post. it reminds me of my brother yelling, "get outta here ya big tub!"

  6. Are we going to get to watch Super Nanny does Denver? Ahhh, for those days. Just enjoy, for teenage years might be rough :) You can send her to me; Clay can tell you I am so hard of hearing it would be like watching her mouth open wide but no bad sounds emitted. Makes me smile to see she has such a strong personality; you wouldn't want a 1 year-old couch potato.

  7. #1 = me as a child/bebe. Would just bound from place and jump off of benches and crawl under things and get stuck and on and on.

    LOVE the tackling wrasslin' picture. Show 'em who's boss, HJ!

  8. yes yes yes on #1! lucy is/was the ultimate dare devil. no fear. and i love the pic! what a little flirt!

  9. just proud she totally pwnd a 2 year old boy (sorry Naveen)

  10. huzzah and thanks for the reassurances :)

    she's such a good little bugger -- just real real busy and wanting to tell me what's on her mind!

    @nav: i think she's DESperate to tell me exactly what she's thinking, so vocab should help. *prays*

    @celina i need to teach her a few more signs!:

  11. I love that photo, ha! Can we get video of this amazing monsterbaby noise?

  12. Fear is a good thing - keeps us safe, thinking and planning. A few crash n' burns are good for us all.

  13. H's a little Evil Knievel as well - tries to LEAP off of any elevated surface (I've just barely managed to grab him by the shins a couple of times) and is happy to let dogs lick his face. He's also obsessed with opening, closing doors :) Love the wrassling photo!


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