Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh hello.

It's past midnight and I just got back from the hosp-ee-tal, so I'll keep this short -- but probably still confusing:

1) Thank you, from the bottom of my fatigue-riddled mind, for all your sweet comments and well wishes and get betters aimed at my dude. He's read them all and it really does help to know peeps are out there pullin for ya.

2) He's got a few more days left in the slammer. Hopefully home around Tuesdayish? Fingers crossed for earlier, of course. We'll know a lot more about what's-to-come (hopefully nothing but lying in bed with popsicles and car magazines!) in the next few days.

3) Harperbug is doing well. My lovelylovely friend Manj has helped enORmously the past few days -- taking her for 2 overnights, babysitting, etc. And my mom is flying in tomorrow to take over primary kiddo duty. Hallelujah!!! But yeah -- I tried today (to good success, methinks) to make it as "normal" of a day as possible. Weird singing/dancing shows to musicals, bath, lots of nakie time, the Barefoot Contessa over a yummy milk sippy cup. She's such a buttercup.

4) Apparently, when one of my small family unit bubble is sick, my mama bear/tiger/lion comes out full force. So I'm stating this as a disclaimer right now: I'm not exactly myself these days. Or is it that I'm more myself than usual?

[[Insert thoughtful pause]]

In that, I'm not nodding and smiling anymore through stuff that's bothered me a long time. In that, I won't/don't put up with bullshit. In that, I will call people-who-deserve-it out on their bullshit. And I'll probably enjoy it. And I'll definitely mean it. (I'm not kidding. I'm fierce right now.) Kthxbai!

5) Dude. It's even clearer to me now how sick cc really was. I just found an unopened box of peanut butter Puffins. This has...never happened in the history of history. Sorry, buddy, but CRUNCH!

6) Seriously, thank you again for all your thoughtful comments. Muah!


  1. I mean what in the crap happened? Had he been sick a while or did it just hit out of no where? The hypochondriac in me must know! Seems so sudden (and scary). Get well soon, cc! Hang in there, Amy. Can't imagine how tough it is juggling all this right now.

  2. you should maybe stay away from the internet until he gets better...wouldn't want any stray e-fists flying. ;)

    hope cc feels well soon. glad he's got bateman to help him along. :)

  3. So glad you have great friends nearby to help you through this (such a blessing!) and hope everyone's back home together soon! and can't wait to hear more about I AM AMY, HEAR ME ROAR!!! ;)

  4. "In that, I will call people-who-deserve-it out on their bullshit. And I'll probably enjoy it." Kinda how I'm feeling these days.

    So glad he is out of the woods and on the mend, hope he continues to get better quickly!

  5. Hi Amy, I recently started reading your sweet blog and just saw your posts on this - what a nightmare for your family! I am so sorry that you have to go through this! Hoping that your husband feels better soon so he can get home to his girls! Sending my thoughts and prayers for you guys!! xoxo

  6. Leave my puffins stash alone!!!

  7. What's a puffin? It sounds so sweet and innocent; kind of like a pet animal. Amy, I am going to tread very, very lightly. I may need some slack, though. As Clay has verified, words come from my mouth that I think are just innocent words, but must not be the case. I think you are the best; so glad made such a brilliant move when choosing a mate. Get well soon Clay Ben.

  8. I am going to go ahead and type, "so glad Clay made such a brilliant......."

  9. Holy Geezers Cowans! I hope he feels better so, so soon! We're sending nothing but happy, healthy thoughts to you from Seattle!

  10. OH my gosh, scary! hope cc is feeling better, and wish I could be there to take on some overnights for you, too. inga + harps slumber party

    please pass on our well wishes to cc!

    i wanna hear more about the writing class -- looking forward to seeing how that progresses, particularly is the quirks of your fellow workshop-mates find their way into the story they critique for you.

    miss ya

  11. I need a Harper fix. I kind of figured Harper would have mastered taking her own picture dancing and posting it on her Mom's blog. Just looked at the video of her dancing and holding on to (or is it onto?) the table. It was a good view-again.


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