Wednesday, January 05, 2011

On her 11th month-day

Sure, my hair's mostly in the back.

But I look goooooood!
(Thanks to Gill and Dave who sent me these cute jamz!)

My heart's sort of breaking over here, realizing how close we are to year numero uno. 11 months?! 11? One one? This last chunk of time has flown by super sonic speed style. Similar to her crawl when you catch her doing something naughty.

(First: She shakes her head "no", anticipating our response. Then she waves real friendly-like "heeeeey!" to distract you from the mischief'ing. Then she takes off, insanely fast, butt a'wiggling, dust a'flying. Rinse repeat all-day-long.)

But hey! Fear not. We've still got a whole month of baby left. *fake brave smile*


  1. Starts at the speed-of-sound (1000 ft/sec) then moves quickly to the speed-of-light (1,000,000,000 ft/sec). That's why it's over before ..... With the second one, it starts right off at light speed, because LIFE is already moving that fast. There are certain moments that live forever, but for some weird reason, I can't control which ones actual do.

  2. :(

    Like pajamas.

    Dislike her being so "old".

  3. H and H are seriously exactly one month apart?? Happy 11 months HJ and fam.

  4. Aw, Harps is 11 months! I guess you can enjoy this new stage of her life...and just have another baby...? Just kidding! Happy 11-monthday, Harper!


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