Sunday, January 16, 2011


(p.s. My hair's down????)

My mom came by the hospeetal with Harps yesterday and took me up on my Popsicle offer. (My current version of hostess with the mostess.)

O' course H wouldn't let her enjoy the grapey goodness. She grabbed that two-pronged sucker and made it hers. Pretty impressive for her first attempt.

I'm not seeing her as much these past few days as usual (5 or 6 hours instead of...lots and lots more?) so her head and neck and shoulders and ears and toes and breath all smell and taste even more delicious-er than usual. She's our very very sunny spot of sunshine in an otherwise stormy week.

Thank you again for all your well wishes and happy thoughts and Iloveyous. They mean the world. And to the people who are our angelhelpers -- babysitting, legit and speedy medical advice, available-for-quick-fly-outs, lovey emails, treat buying, airport pickingup, talking-it-out, flowering, meal-making, etc -- I get teary just thinking about you. It really is impossible to get through life without real friends and awesome family.

Clay is in the hospital and still recovering from surgery. We're fingers crossed he's outta here in the next few days. Because? Hospitals suck, yo.

But. They took that motherf*%#ing blockage out (I picture it this evil trollgoblinvampiretedbundy), his stitches look good and he's even eating sorbet tonight after the most awful of awful awfulest nose/throat tubes was removed this afternoon. We're settling in for another cozy sleepover at the hospital together -- I knit and sip my cranberry juice and listen to podcasts, he surfs the interwebs and watches football and makes fun of me for tripping over cords and making a mess. Same same as home, pretty much.

We've got some stuff ahead of us, mostly to make sure none of those motherf*&$#ing blockages come back. So pow pow POW. I summon you gone foreva. 

(Sidenote: cc mcbuddy is just the best. The best of the best of the best. He's my heart song and my best friend and my warrior dude. POW!)


  1. What a perfect pair to cheer anyone, you and Harper make a happy, happy picture. Hope the coming week is better than the past.

  2. Really glad Clay is on the upswing and eating sorbet (the dietitian in me knows this means very good things...soon he might be upgraded to ice cream! WHEE!) and that you are hanging in there. The whole situation sounds so hard.

    PS - I like your hair down. It makes you look like a really good helper, you know?

  3. I may have teared up a little reading that. Sending squeezes to you all. Families that stick together are the best thing in the entire world. Big hugs, Lo

  4. So glad he is doing better and hope he continues healing and can be home with his two favourite ladies as soon as possible!


  5. So glad to hear that Clay is on the up and up! Hair looks fab, btw! Way to be a super-trooper mama/partner/supporter/entertainer/nurse/etc. I saw that your cute little guy from Glee won a Golden Globe last night! Sent out a little telephatical hug to you and yours, just like I'm sending one now!

  6. stiiiiiill rootin' for ya!

  7. sorbet is quite tasty! what flavor? I've been lost in podcast world, maybe it's a january thing...

  8. Sorry to hear all that's gone down during the last couple of days, BUT happy to hear things are looking up for C. Hope he recovers in a flash so you can go home soonest (to keep browsing the interwebs and tripping over your own stuff). Lots of love for the three of you.
    Get better, Clay!

  9. Goodness gracious. Love to you two!

    >worries post facto<


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