Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So this writing class thing

Just my green beanie. And pink poncho. On the bathroom floor. What?

So one would think one would be inspired to get-some-writing-finished if one didn't have a job (yes yes we can all agree raising-the-H is a job, but you know what I meaaaaan). But it doesn't work that way with me. I need someone to be staring at me to perform, I need deadlines,  I need the hot pursuit of shame for not finishing or stepping up. And therefore!

I found this supergreat writing community in my mountaintown that offers classes and workshops. Mine is for the short story and last night was the first class.

It meets in a completely random (to me) part of town in an old Victorian living room. So right away I'm charmed. The teacher's a legit published writer/former prof from Cornell and the students appear to be not TOO annoying tho just annoying to give me good anecdote material. Which is important.

It's meeting for 8 weeks and I've got lots of reading assignments on my plate as well as writing homeworks and, of course, an actual story to git dun. Writing personal stuff or expository stuff makes me zero nervous, but writing fiction? For a crowd? To take home copies of and mark up with red/purple/angry pens? Um help. But it's good for me. So it's happening.

I told myself before walking in, I wouldn't be a Talker in this class. I'd just coyly and mysteriously sit back and make judgments/learn some stuff. I failed within 5 minutes. Hopelesss = me.


  1. Hey, a short story can be a paragraph - some of the most famous are.

  2. Fun and I like it.

    Share it with us, too!

  3. Did you make H's hat? If so...PROPS!

    I took a writing class a few years ago and my classmates were amazingly strange. i sort of felt like Veda in My Girl except my teacher was old/gross.

  4. writing class intrigues me. let me know how it goes, even though i will only pretend to have the guts to do something like that. :(

  5. I am really excited for you! It will be daunting and scary at times, but yeah, deadlines will FORCE you to write. Can't wait to hear anecdotes and maybe read some stories.

  6. I majored in creative writing, so...welcome to the last year and half of my college career :) It gets easier as you go, believe me. It also helps when you get to be critical of other people's stuff, you realize it's not personal (well, most of the time). Good luck! Sounds like a lot of fun. I've been meaning to take a sketch comedy writing class here in SF but have been to skerd :P

  7. so cool! I hope we get to read some of your writing at some point.

  8. oooh I can't wait to read your short stories!

  9. I love that you are doing this! Please share.


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