Thursday, January 06, 2011

Some Thursday thoughts

1) Upon making toast-with-pb-and-j for myself for breakfast, I suddenly remembered a really sad thing: At summer camp, age 9 or 10, one of our "treats" was to have "Dinner on the Water" aka -- paddle out, on the lake, in the evening, on our kickboards a peanut butter and jelly?! In the freezing cold water?! While the warming sun set behind us and we slowly froze to almost-death? I...don't even know how this happened.

2) Last night, Manj and I saw Black Swan. I'm still processing the whole thing, but needless to say -- it scared the s&*t out of us. I think it was good? But I honestly don't know yet. I might need therapy before I decide.

3) An old (in a couple different ways) acting professor passed away this week, and among all the sadness and 'oh noes!' of old classmates, I felt, well, nothing. (Pretty certain getting to sing that in real life would complete me.)

4) After a long holiday/travel hiatus, I'm back on the cloth dipe train. I forgot how enormous H's butt looks in those suckers. And how much a poo-filled dipe depresses me.

5) I continue to hunt for the perfect I-can-wear-this-everyday dress. Because I hate pants. Any ideas? Any dress lurve out there? I'm lost.

6) Just Dance 2 is the greatest game of all time. (Even if it gave me a bloody toe.)



    I hate 9 out of 11 of these looks but this 1 dress will make you feel like you have 10 dresses. Not cold weather either but you could wear with a sexy cardie.

  2. Ha! Black Swan totally scared the hell out my husband. Of course I had convinced him to watch it by mentioning the sex scene. And then I made him watch the Shining for the first time. Now he's totally second guessing my judgement about movies lately. lol
    Speaking of cloth dipes...I might be messaging you soon about them. I'm gonna start soon! Baby boy #2 is due in 3 weeks!

  3. camp nokomis, right? i did the whole paddle board with food thing too. it didn't scar me as much as asking to be on the "out list" because it was my time of the month, and having the counselor not believe me when i said i was on my p. (bitch.)

  4. speaking of poopy diapers, I actually invented my 2nd poopy diaper song today. it really helps one get through the whole process.

  5. Saw a lot of Black Swan hype lately then saw a preview and was slightly put off. Your review scared the poop out of me. Will likely not see.


  6. p.s. was considering going the cloth route for (yet to be conceived) baby #2 but now you've scared me off that too LOL. Can barely deal with disposable #2 messes.

  7. 1. If the promos scare the crap out of me, I don't go.
    2. Just Dance 2 is the best invention ever. Please find a way so your feet don't get bloody. That scares the crap out of me too!


    Reading about the experiments raises the hair on the back of my neck.


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