Sunday, January 09, 2011



Tonight we left our baby alone with a sitter, while she was still awake. (Sorry, copyeditor friends, for the confusing pronoun placement. Both Harper and the sitter were awake. I hope.) And I didn't have a nervous breakdown. I even relaxed/enjoyed myself/thought about something else!


And she did well, too! I mean, uh I think she cried most of the time she was awake? But it was only an hour until bed and then she went to sleep!

And the play the play the plaaaaaaaaay. Was awesomesauce. Even cc gave it a "that was good" which, you should know, is high praise. Sure, the subject matter wasn't ideal for a first-night-away-from-your-babe (mental illness/death-of-an-infant AH), but hey! Much better than my night out with Black Swan.

Two other things:

1) I cooked fish last night for the first time for us/friends. And it wasn't a failure! (We're sort of not-eating-meat this month. Just to see how it goes. So far, I LOVE not cooking chicken/turkey/beef. But very slightly miss eating it.)

2) Tomorrow night's my first short story writing class. I'm basically terrified. And also: Why do I suddenly have a life this week? I'm confused.


  1. 1. How did you go about finding a baby sitter since you are new-ish to Denver? I'm all hand-wringing about it and rely on my (unreliable) SIL. Bah cakes.

    2. I saw Black Swan and felt all trippy aferwards (not that I've ever tripped, but I can IMAGINE as am very creative). I was in the restrooom and was looking at myself in the mirror and couldn't help but think "WHAT'S REAL? AM I REAL? Does a self-injurious ballet dancer live inside me and I just don't know it?" Scary. Good movie? Not sure, but a lingering one for shizzle.

    3. Oh, I love that you are doing a writing class. That's on my someday list. Maybe I should push it up to sooner. Blog about it, yo.

  2. Yay for the babysitter! The feeling of freedom is insanely satisfying and scary (and then I can't wait to get home).

    On the fish front - one of the easiest and MOST impressive fish dishes is a salt crusted whole fish. Just look for recipes on epicurious. SO easy and you look really cool. Not for the squeamish.

  3. I feel like I missed out on so much! When did you go see Black Swan? What did you think? And short story writing class? I want lots of details on that so I can live vicariously through you.

  4. jessica6:44 PM

    am i the only one that thought there was a massive turd behind her butt in the picture? lol.

    kudos to you. we still haven't had a babysitter for a date night, but hannah does go to day care every day. i just don't trust someone to watch her at night? weird huh?

  5. @nav: well, peeps rec'd i try it sounded weird and not-real, but it turns out it's how all the sitters in denver kind of advertise themselves? there are background checks and reviews and references posted. and you can set up a meeting beforehand (what i do) to see if you likey. it's a national site, so i'd check and see if the minnyapple uses it...i've had good success so far!

    and i'll def post on the writing class stuff. it's gonna be a trip, methinks.

    @gigi: woah! like it. i'm only sort of squeamish -- can i get the eyeballs removed?? :)

    @emmy: saw it last week! i wrote a lil thing about it a couple posts ago. now that she's weaned i, like, can do things ;)

    @jess: ha! i see what you mean...her little foot tucked under looks like a poo. woops!
    you and i are total opposites -- for whatever reason, nighttime i feel safe with (she's mostly in her crib, safe behind bars ha) whereas the daytime freaks me out and i've never done it!! :)

  6. Way to go leaving the lady with a sitter. I know it's Mom lives two hours away and we pretty much never go out unless she can come down to babysit. We do have one sitter who lives in the neighborhood whom I have left her with a couple of times, but the older Lilah gets, the worse I feel leaving her with someone who isn't family because she totally understands that Mommy and Daddy are leaving. Last time we left her with the sitter, she told us Lilah kept going to the door and whining for Mommy and Daddy...heart breaking much?! Yeah.
    Way to go on the fish...I dropped meat from our diet a couple of years ago (well, from my diet) and I didn't miss it at all. And I felt great, really energized. But it became such a chore to make two dinners every night. And there's NO WAY farm boy Dan is going to stop eating steak. Then I got preggo and felt guilty about not eating it. Keep us updated on that venture!


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