Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Very busy with the spices and such

Hmm. Cayenne.

Hello and huzzah! It's -13 here right now. Even with the heat pumping and the fireplace roaring, I feel it seeping through the windows/my bones.

The kitchen is the worst. Back of the house, lots of windows and a door. And? I do believe the pipes are frozen in there, as my faucet won't run. My sink full of dirty dishes is even fuller than usual...

We're going a little stir crazy around here, as all activities are canceled and no one wants to leave their own cozy abode for a visit. Cue Amy-and-Harper-singing-showtunes-to-a-volleyball.

But Julia June Child didn't mind the pre-nap cold, as she unloaded every single one of my spices from the rack. She had to make lunch for later, obvs.

But I was looking for something sweeter...

Let me just crack it open to smell...

 Yo! I'm a baby! You gotta do this for me!


  1. Resourceful use of the volleyball, just like our friend Tom Hanks in Castaway.

    I hate the cold. Gives me Tourette's (motherfucking snow fury angry cock bitch!*) and causes much hatred. BAH HUMBUG!

    0 degrees right now here. So we are totally warmer than you. High five, Minnesota!

    *Sorry about the swearing. Cannot help it. It's a condition.

  2. Julia June that is funny. Love her tights.

  3. she looks so snuggly - perfecting cozing partner!

  4. Love the nickname!

    And frozen pipes...oops. That stinks.

  5. I think you have got the right idea, sister. -13 degrees? = sweaters and cayenne to heat things up.

  6. Although I understand the stir-crazies - kinda nice to be in jammies all day exploring the spice cabinets!


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