Saturday, February 05, 2011

Harper turns o-n-e-z

Dudes. Today my baby turned one. One! One. Oneneneoneoneoe. Maybe if I say it a bunch it'll stop making sense/seeming so crazy? 

Today was really cozy and quiet and love-y. Just how I like my special days. HJ and cc and mama and Christie (my awesome cousin is here for the weekend woot!) gobbled a veggie brunch at a sunny table, piddled around the kitchen making cupcakes and soup, watched a beautifully intense snowstorm unfold outside our windows, opened many delicious presents, scarfed some Barefoot Contessa red velvet cupcakes, snuggled up with milk cups, kissed and sang. Yup yes mmmkaaaay. 

Pure Harper June-ness.

Dada/daughter dance.

HJ oversees the cream cheese frosting. 

Smooch attack. (My hair is that dark??)

Playing with a new puzzle/having awesome lips. 

Almost as good as nakie time.
(Those are the newly upholstered chairs!)

So much red. 

I think that's for me...

Face-off. So intense. 

A test lick...

Oh, hell. Easier to just inhale...

Blossom bebe: We love you we love you we love you. Thank you for making our lives into what life's about. Happy birthday! (!!!)


  1. Happy B-day, Harper! Glad you had a cozy family birthday party. I love that she went right for the cupcake. Atta girl.

    Also - Faboo chairs.

  2. happy birthday, harps!

    the kiss attack pic is insanely adorable!

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  4. Sweet, sweet. She is a beautiful little girl. Chairs/like...perfect match with the that a different table?

  5. Happy Birthday Harper! Looks like fun. I like the photo of her w/the chairs and table, the glimmer in her eye is so cute. :)

  6. Aw...Happy Birthday, Harps-Bug! She looks like she had so much fun!

  7. Love the kiss attack picture and the last pic - SOOOOO sweet! I can't believe she's a year old, wow oh wow.

  8. Do the clothes that I bought for her when she was born fit yet? I just remember ya'll said she was a big baby, and I think I must have thought she was wearing an 18th months already. Looks as if she had a great first birthday.

  9. HELLO. I hope you read this because you did not answer my text that Clay looks like Green Bay's quarterback. ANYWAY. I talked about you at the blog girl people meetup like 5 times. And Everly wore Harper's old jeans! She's 7 months and they just now fit her really well. AHA>HAHAHldkj. Kbye.

  10. PS)I could have emailed that to you? Why didn't I? Because I want to leave you really personal messages that are irrelevant in your blog comments.

  11. Happy birthday, Harper!! Have a blast being ONE and keep being beautiful, smart and healthy <3

  12. Can't believe she's already one! Happy Birthday, Harper!

    (Did you go back and read your birthing stories yet? Ha!)

  13. Ahhh happy birthday Harper! She is so sweet.... what a nice cuddly lovely special birthday.

    Harper - you have made your mommy and daddy (and the internets) a better place! LOVES!!!! HBD!

    (Also, wow i love those chairs!)


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