Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In defense of pajama tops as...tops

I'm always surprised when (yet another) mom admits to me: "I'm a little crazy about what I allow ____ to wear outside the house." And then I'm even more surprised when I see actual babes out and about in perfect synching outfits, never any remnants of pajamas, always matchy match. 

Cuz...clearly that's not how we roll:

Hat from a lil boutique.
Sweater knit (for me) by my mom, circa 1982.
Hand-me-down shirt from cousin Libby.
Random leggings from...?
Purple mox from Tarjay.

Oh, just wanted you to see there's a skull on her hat. Burn!

I dunno. I just love seeing her bundled up in funky little combos -- a mix-and-match of my old stuff, favorite people's old stuff, high-endy stuff, cheapy stuff...yada yada. Kind of how we decorate our pad?

(And sometimes I keep her in her pj's all day. Or at least her pj top...)

And really -- babies/toddlers are so cussin' cute on their ownsome, a perfect outfit just ain't necessary. In my humble opine.

Baby got back!


  1. I swear she's not home schooled. Oh wait.

  2. Harper is effortlessly cool. ;)

    I usually put Everly in tights with a onesie on top or legwarmers. Easy peezy. I like putting bows in her hair, but I'm not sure why. I was like a hardcore tomboy forever growing up (I guess I still kinda am in some ways) so maybe I'm giving her the childhood I never had? AHA.

    I have a sneaking suspicion she's going to rip this crap off and burn it in about another 6 months, so I'm enjoying while I can!

  3. What's up with that pajama top she's wearing? Is that like, a thing? YOU'RE WEIRD.


    hearts you.

  4. Love kiddo pajama tops. My kid is so skinny that I totally let him rock out the pj tops as shirts.

    Harps' booty...LOVE!

  5. Ha! I so love this -- just this morning Charlotte wore her pj top to Montessori school.

    I feel no guilt.

  6. also... ARRRRRR

  7. We definitely go more your route. I mean, it's going to get all mucked up anyway, why bother?

  8. totally agree. I love baby clothes, but lucy (and i think all babies) always look the cutest when they are in mismatchy crazy adorable mix of little kiddie clothes, you know, like only a kid can wear.

    love the hat!

    (the comment assault on your blog continues...)

  9. n-n-n-n-n-no
    Harper does not look *this cool* just natural-breezy. It *has* to take some work. I mean, let me put it this way...I have never been able to pull off this hipster mis-match thing, but Mrs C you are great at it, so it's no wonder your biscuit is, too.

    Inga loves to yank all the tops out of her top bin, then all the leggings/pants out of the leggings/pants bin. Maybe I should just let her put together her outfits. 'Cause I'm not going to be able to teach her this fashion sense. Or you need to come give her a tutorial.


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