Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday, Monday (is tomorrow)

Dressed like a little...Dutch baby maybe?
At the Botanic Gardens, full of sunshine.

Weekend = almostover. Week = impending. Not long enough, ever, but basically feel like a world champ because I finally got some yoga pants tailored ... that my mom bought me as a postpartum present over a year ago. For whatever reason, it was hanging over my head/weighing on my shoulders/causing me great stress ever since they were placed in my hands.

 I even tried cutting them myself. I even wore them all over as they dragged and pulled and tripped me. And ultimately, the tailoring saga? Took all of 5 minutes. And now my pants are awesome. And I'm an idiot for not having them on my bum a year ago.

It's kind of like how I won't put the toilet paper onto the roll until it's almost gone and then I do -- and it feels so luxurious? But the next time, I wait again. Kind of like that.

Probably bedtime.


  1. I do the toilet paper thing!!! Billy doesn't understand it. Sometimes I sit it on top of the old roll and that really blows his mind.

    She's adorable in this pic - she looks so cozy shmozy.

    Now go join Momfish as a voice of elderly reason. G'bye.

  2. Kalen + BJA = Sisters from another Mother.

  3. Anonymous6:22 PM

    are they your lululemon pants? I remember your mom mentioning something about buying those for you? Someday I'll own something Lululemon...I've heard they are heavenly....

    Oh this is Amanda G....I'm too lazy to fill out a google account.xoxo

  4. What a happy little person !

  5. She is the cutest happiest baby. I adore her!

    Nothing like some perfectly fitting yoga pants! Esp. for those of us who don't have to wear work pants (ew!)


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