Friday, March 04, 2011

Before my life is in complete chaos (oh wait, it already is?)

I wanted to tell you about my new child, the toddler.

It seems like overnight, she went from a gooey baby to a saucy todd -- complete with too many tricks and passions and tantrums. It's awesome how she's a real person now, but it's also exhausting at a whole new level. Without dire consequences (major fit), I can't: Talk on the phone, use my computer, eat, look at a magazine, drink from a mug, take anything away from her. Don't worry, Dr. Phil/Supernanny/MIL/whoever else, I say no/follow thru/take sh*t away quite frequently. It's just painful.

Yesterday, we got the cutestcutestcutestcutest package in the mail from my mom. Well, the package wasn't cute. But the inside contents! Wooeee. She made Harps a dress (and a pair of pants!) from recycled t-shirts and -- they are very delicious and completely Etsy-worthy. As we opened the puffy envelope together on the side porch steps, Harps quickly grabbed the (pink and with some studded sparkles) dress and then, for the next hour, WOULD NOT LET IT GO. At all. No. Stop, mom. You touch my stuff -- I kill you. You call me Frances? I KILL YOU. Oh sorry. Different story.

Nothing can slow me down. Not with Dressy by my side.

I thought our up-and-down the sidewalk game would distract, but I was proven very very wrong. Held onto it for dear life, sniffed it, put it over her shoulder, laid it down on the sidewalk and took a 3 second nap with it. And when I gingerly took it away (or even put it on her -- I thought that might be a good compromise?) she screamed at the top of her lungs and then real tears and then hiccups of sorrow.

Directly after I gave in and returned the bounty. 

So hey, Grammy! We love the clothes! You're the best! But what the hell did you make them from? Catnip/crack/Charlie Sheen?!



  1. Looks like she found a lovey! :)

    The picture of her smiling with those teeth. Are you kidding me right now?

  2. Omigosh that's hilarious.

  3. Couldya get her to hold up the dress so we could at least get a look at it??

  4. Love this! I mean, I know it's HARD, but at least she is cute-overload. Toddlerhood is difficult, but I found babyhood more difficult to handle for some reason.
    Glad you guys are settled and happy in your new place (:


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