Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I call this shot

Climbing inside bookshelves and throwing semi-empty, abandoned Starbucks cups. (Have you tried their new cocoa cappuccino? Oh yes.)

Then rinse repeat.

People. I'm going to admit out loud these aren't the easiest days of motherhood. I'm tired. I've been through a lot. She needs a lot and I give it to her. I'm just really I need a 2 week vacay somewhere warm and full of servants that make grilled cheese and tomato sammies alongside a frosty cranberry juice with lots of crushed ice. Also a masseuse that looks like David Duchovny circa mid-nineties.

Am I still typing? Ni'ni'.


  1. The toddler tireds are such a different kind of tired than the early sleep-deprived tired. Spending the weekend w/my brand spanking new 7-week old niece reminded me of that. Yes ,she woke up a couple times at night (only a couple! I swear Bella was getting up like 5 times a night at 7 weeks, but maybe my brain just likes to play memory tricks about how wah wah hard it was for me), but then all day she just slept, nursed, sat in the bouncy, laid in her carseat...did nothing. A friend is pregnant w/her second and her first is only 6 months (oh dear lordy), BUT I think at least the pregnancy part might be a little easier on her (or up until her child is walking & climbing) as her child will be a bit less mobile, grabby, demanding for every last second of attention. But once she has two under 15 months? Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.

    Anyway, yes. The toddler stuff gives me exhaustion even though I sleep through the night. But of course you've had just a wee bit more drama in your life lately than I have. Just a wee, wee bit. I think you are entitled to every last bit of exhaustion and that dreamy tropical vacay.

  2. This morning P whined for 2 hours straight. No joke. Everything made him cry, everything made him mad. It made me better understand why some women snap and go absolutely psycho.

    And I hear it only gets worse. How awesome.

  3. Oh yeah, toddlerdom is a crazy time. Take whatever tiny little mom rewards and mom moments that come your way. Especially with the stress you've been under. As much as others in our lives may think: we're not Super Women!

  4. as someone once said, "If you've ever combed your hair with a plastic fork, you understand stress..." I have, and I do!

  5. christie1:10 PM

    Amen, sister (er... cuz). I have HAD it. I need a vacation like nobody's business. I'm done.

  6. you are doing so much, buddy! how could you not be tired? Yes, the mama role is uber exhausting, esp. when you don't go into an office 40 hrs a week. but you're also orchestrating moves, packing, unpacking, etc etc etc! you deserve that 2 week vaca.... and call in the family reserves!

    hope you get some relaxy time soon!


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