Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I kinda hate when posts have video, but there are grandparents to appease...

I was somehow graced with a chillun who has an amazing attention span.

(It comes to her naturally, but I will say I foster it by totally leaving her alone when she's in a groove...and chugging my coffee in a corner)

(Except when I can't help myself and must tape her)

Tonight, right at bedtime, she started playing with a pile of (dirty) clothes. Lasted at least 20 minutes. Total, utter focus. Deep breathing. Sorting of reds and whites. Titanic (?!?!) playing in the background.

This is why we really don't need to buy these bums toys. (But I'll never stop!)

I feel a little like Bob Saget circa 1991 narrating vids.


  1. 20 MINUTES!!!

    Can you send Harper to do some one-on-one education sessions with Bella? I would give anything to chug coffee in a corner.

    She's a cutie patootie!

  2. hah!

    Send her this way next please. She will have a field day with the amount of laundry piled up at our house right now. :(

  3. hahahah that's awesome! she was so urgent with that intense soundtrack. need more harps vids.

  4. oddly no one commenting on the complete lack of pants.

  5. @nav: and can bella come over and give her superimpressive vocab lessons?? ;)

  6. Such a busy girl! Pretty soon she'll be wash, dry, and folding! Love the commentary :)

  7. Sharon11:12 AM

    This is hilarious. I love it.


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