Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just some randoms and a picture of H-money in a dress

1. Harper in a dress. Doesn't happen everyday, but she was into it. And so was I. (The tulle the tulle!!)

2. Anyone else watching the last season of Big Love? I feel alone in my viewership and need to discuss some of the seriously WTF things happening.

3. Bras. I hate them. I've gotten really bad and lazy about even putting them on lately, which really isn't appropriate. Please give me recs for really amazingly comfortable ones? Pretty please?

4. I cooked lentils today and they actually taste good! Miracle of miracles and king of kings!

5. I'm not a big candy person, but I find Easter candy unbelievably irresistible. Well, obviously. But I'm also consumed by those maple-cream-filled chocolate eggs. Sort of salty, sort of grainy, all of rabidly delicious.

6. I hate how weird and nervous and flirty Ina gets when she has a guest (usually male) helping her cook in the kitchen. "Does this look good?" she asks, chopping an onion. Really? Quit it, hero!

7. Harper's new favorite little game is taking Clay's temperature in the mornings. The thermometer lives on my bedside table (NO, not for fertility purposes -- I just never put it away after he had a little fever) and she knows how to use it (not from her own experience, since that's not exactly where she gets hers taken...) -- She reaches over to grab it, pushes his head down into place, and puts it right-side-in to his mouth. Then waits a few seconds, takes it out and looks at it. To die for.

8. I miss knitting. Need to get out my needles.

9. What in the hell do you guys eat for lunch? Especially stay-at-home people. I feel like I'm always hungry and struggling to find something easy and filling and healthy. All thoughts accepted.

10. I'm throwing my hat into the Casey Abrams ring for Idol this year.

11. Friday!


  1. that dress wants a dance party.

  2. maybe harps will be a doctor? or play one on TV?

    i HATE bras. 'member when you and caroline bought me some for my b day because i just didn't own any? these days i only wear strapless which you'd think would be less comfortable, but i think not worrying about slip-sliding straps is way better.


  3. Do we get a video?!

    Since breastfeeding has forever (I assume) changed the shape of me, I've found that I just wear nursing tanks. This is NOT attractive and gives the illusion (or not so illusion) of the uniboob, but comfortable and they can't get loose.

  4. CASEY ABRAMS! My hat's in that ring, too .... forever.

  5. I LOVE BIG LOVE and am so sad that this week is the last episode ever! So many issues to resolve in just one more hour...

  6. Chicken curry salad sandwiches! Hummus with everything. Breakfast for lunch. Toast with avocado and red pepper flakes and lemon juice! A slice of chocolate cake sprinkled with sea salt... Just a few ideas...
    Also I miss knitting to...

  7. If I don't wear a bra it's a bit of a hazard (I'm 32DD, eesh!) but I found that getting one properly fitted really helps with it being comfy! But if I could get away with not wearing one/buying cheapies from Target, I probably would :X

    That dress is so cute!

    I hate thinking of lunch ideas too! I usually make extra helpings at dinner then try to have leftovers the next day. I sometimes make and freeze big lots of things like soup for lunch emergencies!

  8. Lunch is a mystery to me too. But I find if I have nosh-ables on hand like lunch meat, hummus, carrots, cheese, etc. I do ok. I also like keeping mini pizzas or the goods for english muffin pizzas on hand. For a while I made the mistake of being out on errands during lunch, thus my 20 pound post breast feeding weight gain, WOMP, WOMP.

  9. jessica1:11 PM

    dude, victoria secret bras *LOVE THEM*. i used to never buy them until i had hannah. i wanted to feel sexy so i splurged on some ($50 a bra). i got the kind that has memory foam and fits exactly to your breasts. if you wait a couple of months they are going to have their spring annual sale and they usually have the bras for like $24.99.

  10. She looks so pretty. Not only is it the dress, but the color is great on her. Lunch...if you like egg salad sandwiches, that might be a nice change. Good source of protein, and they can be made without mayonnaise.

  11. thanks for all the lunch ideas! i like i like. now if harps would only let me eat...

    @mic: ahaha i forgot about that till now! ahaha. i need a similar intervention now. strapless? i'll consider it, but i think i need a wee bit more support with my post-nursing girls.

    @gigi: but you're still nursing, right? i was all for that route, but it feels meh now. i want some time away from nursing gear till it's time again! :)

    @rachael: i have NO idea how it's all going to get resolved?! it must be a 2 hour show, but STILL. it's definitely not going to be a happydappy finale...

    @lyndall: i think i need a proper fitting, good idea! who knows what i really am these days, post-nursing. i look totes diff't than a year ago. le sigh.

  12. I'm digging the pink stripes.

    I eat turkey sandwiches on whole grain (paired with a yogurt or a fruit). Or peanut butter sandwiches. Lots of sandwiches...

  13. Definitely not a happy ending! : (

  14. omg harps in a dress. i'd eat her for lunch.


    and i just eat leftovers for lunch a lot, but when i need to be healthy i make a big batch of quinoa and either add veggies and usually soy sauce, or you can do lemon and pesto, or red sauce... anything on quinoa is good and guilt free! also i make a big thing of chicken salad (boil chicken in broth, mix with greek yogurt instead of mayo, add curry powder, red grapes, cilantro, salt, pep, lemon) and eat with big fat fluffy whole grain pitas. lu loves all of the above also - good to share with baby!

  15. @nik: GREAT ideas! we're quinoa addicts over here, and i actually had that for lunch today (well and some scrambled eggs ha) and it really hit the spot. love your chix salad recipe! nummmmmmz.


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