Monday, March 21, 2011


A girl and her dog and her shake.

We're in a weird limbo nap phase, where she mostly still needs 2, but at strange new times and sometimes she only does 1 but is then a total demon child. Sunday afternoon she finally took a snooze longer than 40 minutes. I was so pleased, I handed her the rest of my chocolate milkshake (sneakily procured during her slumber -- we've been eating waaaay too healthy and I needed a treat) (also -- what gives? I say 'milkshake' now instead of 'frappe'? F!)

She sucked that sucker down so fast, didn't have time to blink and/or steal it back. What can I say? Girl is coco for cocoamilk.

Can't date till she's 40.


  1. It seems to be a harder adjustment for the parents than the kiddo. :)

  2. i've been saying milkshake instead of frappe lately too! sort of makes me sad.

    i had TWO shamrock shakes this month. om nom nom.

  3. Your milkshake brings all the Harpers to the yard...

    Failed musical joke. :(

  4. Aaaahhh haha! can't date till she's 40!

    And look at those cheeks. OMG.


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