Monday, March 14, 2011

My new sunny room

Best couch eva. Turns into a full-on pull-out fort.
Ikea I missssss you. 

This room is what sold me on the new digs. It's connected to the kitchen and has superhigh ceilings and just feels light and airy, but also cozy. And the sun won't quit, yo.

Perfect for drinking half-and-half-heavy coffee while watching Chesney pull dental floss in and out of a plastic baggie.


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your yard looks delightful, too - those bricks around the tree!

  2. We had that couch in blue! The hidden storage space was sooo good in our tiny cupboardless apartment. And pulling it out into a bed was nice to do when watching tv. We bought one of those Ikea Klippan sofas (because the other couch didn't fit into our new house!). I love it, but I do miss being able to pull out a bed when I'm feeling lazy~

  3. oh, that window is to die for!

    and i love the mac on the big couch...looks like my kind of living room!

  4. Splendid! I spy some prayer flags...ooooooommmmmmm.


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