Thursday, March 03, 2011

Places I have lived in the past 10 years

I think I need to sign up for that stuff and see if my peeps were hardcore nomads.


  • 2000-2001: Boston University, Claflin Hall, 9th Floor (The Fine Arts majors floor woooeeeee!)
  • 2001-2002: James Madison University, Blue Ridge Hall (The transfers dorm!), 2nd Floor
  • 2002-2004: 72 Gardner Street, Apt 1, Allston, MA (My real world house. Fo realz)
  • Couple months of 2004: An apartment in Brighton, MA (Met cc and bailed -- sorry, girls)
  • 2004-2005: Clay's place in Cambridge, MA (An old, drafty house btwn Harvard and Central Sqs)
  • 2005-2006: My cozycozy studio on Myrtle Street in Beacon Hill, Boston (with a red couch!)
  • A few months in 2006: A sublet in Santa Monica, Cali (A delicious place to live)
  • A few months in 2006: Another sublet in West Hollywood, Cali (Not so delicious)
  • 2007-2009: 2105 Broadway St, teeny tiny apartment with a green wall, San Francisco 
  • 2009-2010: 2200 Sacramento St, apartment-in-the-sky, SF (I miss you Billy the doorman!!)
  • Few months in 2010: 12th floor of the Glass House, downtown Denver (I miss you, furniture!)
  • Few months in 2010/2011: Our bungalow in Wash Park, Denver 
  • 2011-?????: Our 100-year-old housey in Bonnie Brae, Denver

And lots of inbetween/backandforth stays at our old pad in Groton, Massachusetts -- my beloved 40 Wallace.


Any of ya'll live with me any of those places? Any of ya'll move as much?? (I might even beat cc?!)


  1. jessica9:11 AM

    we move every three years and I THOUGHT THAT WAS A LOT. but since we have been married (almost 5 years) we have had three addresses.

    before marriage, my family and i would move about, every two years.

    if i don't move every 2-3 years, i get antsy, i have to have change.

  2. Ha! Actually, you and I may have crossed paths during your BU and then Allston/Brighton days! Weird! I went to BU (graduated in 2004). I lived on Quint Ave (which is off of Gardner) while you lived on Gardner. Small world :)
    And of course, we established before that we share GD roots...albeit mine are via marriage but we are up there at least once a week.
    I hate moving...I don't know how you managed to do it so much!

  3. I moved about 10 times between ages 18-25. But my arse done been planted since then.

    Can I take this little timeline to mean that you moved in w/CC after knowing him for only two months and at the ripe young age of early-20-something?


    I can only say I'm pleased he put a ring on it in time, but was it too late for your virtue? Perhaps, Perhaps.

    So says the person who waited a whole two dates to consummate my relationship w/Husband.*

    *Classic TMI.

  4. I challenge you to a duel:
    1. 1995 - H Freshman Dorm
    2. 1996 - Soph Dorm Room
    3. 1997 - Jr Dorm
    4. 1998 - Spain
    5. 1998 - Sr Dorm
    6. 1999 - Dallas Apt 1 - Gaston St
    7. 1999 - Dallas Apt 2 - Diff't apt on Gaston
    8. 2000 - Dallas Apt 1 - Back to original on Gaston (Ron Schaeffer and I were swapping)
    9. 2001-02 - Morningside St, Dallas
    10. 02 - LA - Laguna Beach digs
    11. 02-03 - LA - Redondo Beach place
    12. 03-04 - LA - Palms
    13. 04-06 Cambridge, 10 Ellery
    14. 06 - 09 SF Broadway
    15. 09 - 10 SF Sacramento
    16. 10 - Denver - Glasshouse
    17. 10 - 11 - Denver, Wash Park
    18. 11 - Denver, Bonnie Brae

    Mostly just curious what the count was. 18 times in 16 years not counting summer moves.

  5. Good luck on the move, Am! I just love your blog, i am fully obsessed with Harper she is so cute!! It's better than online shopping : ) and yes of course I can testify that you did in fact, have a real world house. Miles! Lexi! Kitty! Oh my! Oh and Newlyweds and 8 mile on blast obv : ) Hugs to you and the fam,

  6. I can only count up to 15 places, and that's when I got back to ninth grade and include my four dorm rooms in boarding school - seems not so legit.
    HOW do you do it? Moving makes me all antsy, though I do love to unpack in a new place...

  7. CC you forgot early years in East Texas. Cindy's:
    1. Blackwell Okla
    2. Enid Okla
    3. Canyon Tx
    4. Shamrock Tx
    5. Amarillo Tx
    6. Tulia Tx
    7. Plainview Tx
    8. Dumas Tx
    9. Wheeler Tx
    10. Mexia Tx
    11. San Augustine Tx
    12. Corsicana Tx
    13. Pampa Tx
    14. Waco Tx
    15. Marshall Tx
    16. Commerce Tx
    17. Stillwater Okla
    18. Daingerfield Tx
    19. Lone Star Tx
    20. Longview Tx
    21. Austin Tx
    22. Ninnekah, Okla
    (just the towns, not the addresses or moves and moves back)

  8. @jessica: moving a lot when you're younger is hard! i didn't move from age 7-18, so i had it easy for a long time :)

    @mamatully: we were there at the same time! nutty! i graduated 2004, too (did my sophomore year only at jmu)...where'd you live frosh year?? what was your major?? nutty connections, lady!

    @nav: you are quite astute, mama...i moved in waaay soon. eeps. and because you used 'consummated' you're a lady not a tramp. and you held out longer ;)

    @cc: we'll call it a draw, dude. harper will probably rebel and stay in one place foreva once she's outta our pad.

    @em: and we basically just walked around in our undies all the time?! lucky hearing from you -- i hope we can catch up for real sometime!

    @meredith: you've moved a lot!! what in the?? btw, have we discussed if we were in home ec together? i think we were...

    @cc2: why so many early moves?

  9. Thanks for getting me to remember all this, Amy:

    2001- Dorm, Greenwich St NYC
    2001 - Dorm, Washington Sq Park, 2nd Floor
    2001 - Dorm, Washington Sq Park, 6th Floor
    2002 - Paris, near Monceau
    2002 - Dorm, Washington Sq Park, Another floor
    2002 - 2nd Street, Dorm, NYC
    2003 - Paris, Montparnasse
    2003 - Hanover, NH
    2004 - Washington Heights, NYC
    2004 - Paris, Montparnasse
    2004 - St John, US Virgin Islands
    2004 - NH
    2005 - Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn
    2009 - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  10. Yes! We are nomads too... more like gypsies at times. Moved countries, towns, cities and a ton of crappy/okeyish/amazing/wrong houses or apartments. We even lived in a hotel for a while. It's kind of crazy, but we love it!


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