Thursday, March 24, 2011

When you have a grumpy day

Oh, the first half of tomorrow* was bad. Bad bad bad. People were mad at me, I was mad at me, I had a headache, H wouldn't nap, I felt restless and my skin was dry and I could only find 1 of her Smartwool sock in the dryer, and my new phone would not activate and I had to make FIVE separate calls to customer service, and my half 'n half had weird little chunks when I poured it. 

It's funny how writing those things out makes them pedestrian and sitcommy and silly, but I felt entirely disheartened. I actually said the words "I miss my mom" to...myself and then stared out the window and then built another tower of wooden blocks.

But then, the sun came out and I got my phone working and I finally changed us both out of our lentils-covered pajamas and put her in those cute little gray sneakers and hit the playground next-door. And she was in SUCH a good mood, crawling under the bridge and halfway up the little green slide, and picking up little pebbles and staring in awe at the big kids -- that I just couldn't keep the lingering sour taste in my mouth. 

All my shirts are 9 month shirts, mom! Not s'posed to be 3/4 sleeve!


We wrapped up our play session, then headed out for a bit and I bought her a pink soccer ball. (She's obsessed.) And we rolled it back and forth on the back deck and sipped on orange juice and felt the sun get cooler on our hands and cheeks.

Tho it took a really long time for her to go down (damn canine teeth!), by 8:00 cc and I were out the door, babysitter in place, my seat warmer toasty.

Because? We had courtside seats to the Nuggets. (thanks, working-for-a-sportsy-company benefits!!) And tho they played a killa team, the Nuggs pulled out a win at the end (I kind of love basketball, but don't tell anyone) and it was exciting! And I was oooouuuuut without a baby and they came to my seat and asked if I wanted anything and I wanted NACHOS. And I cuddled cc's neck until he made me stop and we didn't get home till almost midnight what!

It was just what I needed. Oh, and those up-close-seats are just as cool as they've always looked to me on the teevs. Kinda like this:

*I just realized I wrote "tomorrow" instead of "yesterday" which is too funny to correct. I IS PROPHET AND KNOW WHAT TOMORROW WILL BE. 


  1. holy moly you were close! i like b ball games because they're inside and not too cold and not too hot. (i'm a brat.)

    i heart these pics of harps!!!

  2. Fun! I didn't know you loved basketball :) Root for Kentucky tonight!!!

    I am glad your day ended up so lovely. It inspired me to go out on a date with Billy this weekend too. It's about time.

  3. Sounds like a nice night, sorry the day started stressful.

    And I can totally relate to saying "I want my mom..." I found those words coming out of my mouth when I'm feeling so so down, I know things are bad when I end up saying that. Can't believe it still happens now that I'm all grownupz.

  4. Kendra5:58 PM

    I am so freaking jealous of your date night to watch the nuggets play! I LOVE the Nuggets!!! I especially love me some Birdman!

  5. The fenced play area is one of the great things about your new neighborhood. Nothing like a sweet baby to sort priorities; I wish your mom and I were both closer to help you. Harper looks so "helpful" in the video with the laundry. Have a great weekend.

  6. I think Nuggets is the least threatening sounding name for a sports team... But what do I know. Harps looks so cute!


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