Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Be kind rewind

Think of the children!

Yo! I just want to make a quick aside, mkah?

I know there're some people out there, in-real-life and on-the-interwebs, that are...annoyed/hurt/confused by either my lack of emails/slow response to phone calls/making my Facebook semi-privatey/sticking up for my familyunit in a bitchy way/being introverted/having brown hair.

And for that, I'll use cc's favorite phrase: I'm sorry you're upset.

However. I'm guessing if you knew all the ins and outs of my little life, you'd understand that I'm really trying my best. Just like if we all understood the ins and outs of everyone's little life, we'd all be a little kinder. 

You know?

I think you know.

But if you still want to punch my face -- that's cool! 


(Of course there have been aplenty aplenty of people who have been too-understanding-for-words. And to them I owe many xoxoxoxo's.)


  1. hearts!


  2. Gucci and Handbags Outlet really seems to get what you're talking about.

    <3 I love the picture... she was such a tiny little dumpling.

  3. christie7:30 AM

    I am completely hurt and offended by your brown hair. Why would you have such beautiful, chestnut brown hair? WHY? Explain yourself.

    In other news, I burned my egg white omelet because Libby peed in the potty. I may just achieve the elusive no-diaper-zone. And some egg white omelets may take a hit in my quest.

    xoxo <3 you!

  4. christie7:35 AM

    I can't begin to explain the randomness of my last comment. Too much working + sick children = delirious me.

    And is eggwhite one word or two?

  5. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Reminds me of my favorite quote- "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." Amen.

  6. you're amazing. roll on, my friend. and what a sweet treat of a pic! xoxo

  7. i was wondering why you weren't on facebook anymore? you like disappeared off my friend's list :(

  8. Time to put Tiny Wings on your Iphone and have fun.

  9. That's funny because I was just wondering if you had a twitter/other web 2.0 thingy that lets me be nosy about blog friends lives. Ahem.

    You do what you gotta do, if anyone wants to be offended then that is their problem! I love how you are so protective and caring about your family. And that photo is so sweet~

  10. I wouldn't want to punch you and wouldn't dare. How would you make and download those drunken-walk videos? You're doing great juggling all of life's surprises. About the rewind photo...didn't remember Harper having such dark hair. No, no, no...not a bash on brunettes.:) Send more pics of walk, talk and curls, please. Love you, my son, and little Harper. And little Lee, too.

  11. And I've been feeling bad because I haven't written. Hope your enjoying sunday.

  12. thanks, everyone! i'm trying to take my own advice and apply it around to all my can be so easy to take little things personally, but usually there's more to the story. xo

  13. hugs, very late.


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