Sunday, April 10, 2011


Guys. I'm cool. Shut up.
Made cc take this pic because look at the sign!
Top of Vail Mountain, 11,250 feet. Ow ow!

Friday afternoon, we packed up the truck and headed to the mountains. Biscuit in the backseat, snacks in a paper bag, skis on the roof. Quick lil ride up (bout 2 hours) and we were in high up in the sky. Cute little condo for the Cowans, paid up with points. (Thanks for traveling 4 days a week for 4 years, cc!)

Walked to a pizza parlor dinner (H absolutely crushed some cheese pizza AND gnocchi with meat sauce -- is this really my baby?) finished up with delicioso chocolate cake. (Harper liked that, too.) Yes please every night?

Morning brought crazy sunny skies and warm temps and a nervous mama -- was about to go skiing for the first time since I was 12 AND leave Harps at a bottom-of-the-mountain daycare for the first time ever. She cried as we left, but I had to step away step awaaaaaaay. Ugh, no likey.

Skiing! Skiing was...skiing was fun! The first half. I learned to plow down and did little turns and didn't fall off the ski lift huzzah! cc's a great teacher and after a few runs on the bunny hill, we headed up (up up UP UP UP) to the top of Vail. Holy HIGH ah! And then we cruised down the triple black diamond the end!

Dorkiest picture of us ever? Yes.
I have to keep it small.

Okay, well, green. We did green. And got down half the mountain in good spirits. Then lunch (bbq outside on picnic tables -- checking up on H via cell and then relaxing/appreciating eating a sammich without a fiending toddler by my side...) and then hey, "just the second half of the mountain" and we could pick up my baby!

I'll keep it short: Had a total meltdown that last chunk. It was a looooooong last chunk and my legs were dying dead and dying. And my boots hurt and I was shaky and got re-scared and bratty and beyond crabby. I kept yelling "I MISS HARPER!" (which, hey, I did) and then I'd realize I had to MOVE to get to see her, but then my legs were shaking with fatigue and right...over...that...little...edge was a crazy black diamond drop and people were zooming! Anywho. I hate how I get like that, but lesson learned. Happy times are early/untired times. Getting to knowwww meeeee...

Cue some H and mama shots:

Snuggling in our jammies.

Nutjobs unite!

Saturday night we left the kiddos (Manj and bean and fam were there, too) alone, I mean with a sitter, and hit the town! It was DUMPING snow. Dumping snow. Which terrified me and made me another whiny boo for awhile, but then we got to the restaurant and were cozied back in a corner, overlooking Narnia trees and a creek and snowflakes and okay okay -- I can do this. Lovely night out for the homebodies! (For my own records, I ate duck and bok choy and brussel sprouts and mushrooms and, very strangely, a mojito? And, not very strangely, sticky toffee pudding. Which we got for free because they were out of donuts. Happy but also sad.)

Why is this picture so hilarious to me.

This morning cc hit the slopes solo (whew) while H and I drank cappuccinos and watched Frasier reruns as the snow fell. (She napped actually.)

Thanks for bearing with my total recap. I have fun looking back on these things down the road, so sometimes I just gotta jot it down. Oh and! Can I say, also for my records, that I just LOVE 14 months? Love. The happiness, the new words, the walking, the I'm-still-kind-of-a-baby cuddles and goopy kisses, the loving to read, the strangely easygoing and good sleepingness? It's just yes! (I need to write this, so that in one or two or whatever months, when things are annoying, I'll remember the yesness.)

So in summation: Weekends away = fun! Vail = insanely beautiful and a little altitude sicky! Harper = world champion! Home = my love!

(And for family members afar and/or people who care, here's Harps movin OUT tonight at the park nextdoor. Eep!!)


  1. Ski weekends are the best. Harps will be a little ski bunny in no time. Glad you are still digging Denver. I have left SF now too and am trying to come up with my next move.

  2. Extra long posts make me happy as do vacation recaps. Huzzah! Glad you had a good vacay, although the snow makes me shudder. Sticky toffee pudding might have made it all better, though.

    You will be so sad when that last little bit of Frankenstein walk goes away... she's perfect-o.

  3. I have never went skiing! I actually want to snowboard but Billy laughs at me every time I tell him I'd rather do that (I'm guessing it's harder than I like to imagine?) :) I'm a little jealous you two had a day alone like that, because it seems like I keep saying I'll take the time to do it too, but then I never do. Hmph. Love all the pics & cc looks really cute in the vid with Harper - picking her up when she falls. :) She's such a big girl. Little sad... it happened fast.

    Now can you please pay for me a condo with your points? I would like maybe somewhere tropical. Just mail me the info. Thnx!

  4. One word: jealous!
    Spring skiing is the BEST! And you get to do it at Vail. So so jealous. I missed this whole year of skiing since I was knocked up, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a trip out west next year!

  5. christie6:21 AM

    There are so many things that I love about this post. A little Vail get-away? Awesome! (And jealous!)

    And your meltdown? I am the exact. same. way. Once I've hit my limit, there is no turning back. I turn into a full-blown tantrumming 2 yr old. I hear ya, sistah.

    And the HJ walking around? Love. She is pure deliciousness.

    Glad you guys had a nice time away. It sounds heavenly!

  6. i want to sip cappuccinos and watch frasier reruns and snuggle sleepy babies! ugh, i'm jealous.

    my last snowboard adventure was bad. bad, bad, bad. i too got all crabby pants about halfway down the mountain...except here in the midwest it's more like a hill. i had my breakdown halfway down a HILL.


  7. LOVE the video. that is exactly how hannah walks. this is the best stage - by far. i enjoy her talking (jibberish) and watching her explore.

    never had an interest in skiing. why? because i'm afraid of falling, breaking a leg, and possibly being left alone freezing somewhere.

    your weekend sounds fabulous and i'm totally with kalen. get us a condo asap. we will send some cookies to harper :) *bribery*

  8. @logan: i just found your tumblr and oh WOW what an amazing few months you've had. keep me posted!!

    @nav: you'da died over this dessert. oodles of not-too-sweet caramel and a glob of creamy vanilla ice cream holy whaaaaat.

    @kalen: snowboarding is harder! at least as a beginner. you just have to be ready to fall a LOT. i enjoyed the non-falling aspect of skiing...but you could doooo it. tropical points en route. (jess, you're getting some, too.)

    @mic/christie: thank jeebus i'm not alone in my tantrums. what IS it about cold and tired and hills that makes us regress?!

  9. I've always wanted to go skiing! We do have snow somewheres in Australia (I think in NSW), but ideally I want to go to Canada :3 In the meantime I will enjoy your pictures instead! It seems like you had a great time!

  10. I'm so glad you did that - good for you! Dude - very hard for me to leave Lucy at times like that but when I do i'm like - WAIT I"M A HUMAN BEING WHO LIKES TO DO TIHNGS? not sure if that's you, but ya that's me.

    i'm jealous of the skiing!


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