Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Eeeeeeaster!

She'll always want to hold my hand, right? RIGHT?

You can't see really, but those are star-covered, rouched leggings. Yessum.

Easter! No, we don't do the Jesus thing around here (hey, but I'm coming closer and closer to getting all hardcore Buddhist on your a*$ ... quick scene last night around the television: Clay looking at used Porsches on his comp, me blurting out: "Oh hey! This place has a THREE MONTH SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT!" Yet, somehow, we work...), but I'm into the metaphorical meanings of it all. How can't you be?

It was just us 3bees, but we got lil peep dressed up, hid plastic eggs (filled with Kashi cereal?) around the backyard, and handed her a basket (hand delivered last night by our previously mentioned hoarder neighbors...which came two minutes after we realized she didn't have one...I shall never speak evil of them agayn!). The whole getup (dress + uggs + wet grass + huge basket) was a little unwieldy, but she totally got the concept and twirled around the yard gathering neon plastic lovies with a big ol' grin.

Video ev:

But my favorite moment came when cc started airplaning her around and around the prayer flag tree and I flew after them then reverse...squeals and fresh air and suddenly we're all kiddos again, together. Easter!

And then we piled in the car and ate Med food (gotta honor my peeps occasionally) and then bought new bikes. Because, as we realized, bikes don't just come readysetgo in your garage. Turns out they must be procured, and procured they were. As the raindrops started to fall, we each took a few runs around the block on our new sweet rides. (Bike riding on Denver sidewalks is iiiiiinfinitely more doable than doing so on SF sidewalks...)

Oh and! While H and dada were on a trip together, I f-i-n-a-l-l-y busted out my sewing machine and started working on a pillow I'd pinned together months (literally) ago. Is there a chance I might actually figure it out and make cute things for people on earth? TBD, TBD...But I'm having fun.

And with that! I bid you adieu. Next time you see me, I'll have Peeps sugar all over my face, as first thing tomorrow I'll be hitting up the candy sales. (Can you believe I haven't had ONE Peep yet?! The restraint!)

Couple bonus pics:

Weirdo angle.  Lo siento, my besties!

Awaiting some grass seeds from our landlord...


  1. Nice day, mama. But kashi eggs? Bwahahhahha.

    Book rec - Mama Zen. Written by a regular SAHM who is also Buddhist. She's a little judgy seeming at times (which seems hilarious to me), but it was an interesting read.


  2. i still hold my mom's hand. in public, even!

    seems like y'all had a lovely day...good luck with the sewing machine, pillow-makin' used to be a favorite hobby of mine. <3

  3. couple thoughts...

    harper = cutie patootie. (just call me rosie o'donnell)

    i would think bike riding in SF would be IMPOSSIBLE?!

  4. Harper really is super cute. She rocks a hat better than most kids :) Did you get a bike trailer or seat for the wee one?! I kinda want to get one but they are pretty $$ and I'm not sure how much we'll use it.

  5. Isn't Easter even nicer when you have a sweet little girl to surprise. Her face is the sweetest and happiest; she is the top Peep.


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