Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I just found this picture on cc's phone and oh my what

Perhaps the greatest Harps candid eva taken. LOOK AT HER CHUBBY LEGS HELP ME JEEBZ!

And the cloth dipes (sob sob sob) and the dada cuddle and the toe! touch!

Man, I'm loving it hard.

What else what else?

Oh, I cooked cc meat tonight (and by "meat" I mean chicken), which thrilled him and made me feel like a nice-ish person. I also made an ENORMOUS amount of roasted asparagus. Harps and I eat it like candy, while he frowns and sniffs in confusion. I'm letting it all digest a bit before I attempt my third cupcake of the day. Dude brought me home a box of them last night, which is just unsafe.

Tomorrow night my momz lands! I'm trying to get at least half of my huge stack of laundry done, so she doesn't think I've fully regressed since she last left. (I have.) But then, of course, I'll leave the other half undone so she has something to do. Wouldn't want her getting bored!

Hope to get those last few lingering boxes unpacked while she's here, as well as my eyebrows unbushy, some bread and vegan ginger cookies baked, and maybe sleep past 8 am? TBD, TBD.

And now it's raining out. Always at night, Colorado, always at night! I have my super cute green Hunters I got to wear in SF, but never here. Unless I take out the garbage and wave hello to our crazy neighbors ("DON'T KNOCK ON OUR DOOR, WE WON'T ANSWER."), who in addition to their piles and piles of inside junk might want to steal them off my feet.

Ni'ni! (*slaps hand to face in imitation of H's almost-but-not-quite ni'ni signing*)

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