Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini me

Starting forever ago, I fell in love with the mirror. Or a window-at-night. A large window-at-night is a really effective lip synching mirror, too. Did you know?

I spent much of my youth belting out show tunes in front of my living room window and/or my bedroom mirror. I'm sure we all did this, but I promise you I did it more. I've also been known to watch myself cry in the bathroom mirror because it's a morbidly fascinating project. Or talk to myself and watch how my mouth moves while I pluck my eyebrows real up close and personal.

It was a real surprise when I chose theater school.

Anyways, this is all to say my little apple has not fallen far from her tree.

Macs have a program called Photo Booth, that allows you to take self-portraits or self-videos. Harps figured it out and now she's obsessed. It's a good way to kill 5-10 minutes when I just need to sip my tea while it's still relatively hot or I want to pee by myself. This vid below was one of the first times she got ahold of it. I can't even deal, really. I love it all, but especially the coy one-shoulder shrug she keeps doing while she shamelessly flirts with...herself.

(Oh, also -- she whips her socks off at bedtime faster than I can put them on. Girl needs bare feet to sleep, just like me. Aw, genes.)


  1. That video is too cute!!

  2. Makes you wonder what she's thinking. Probably something along the lines of "Geez, who is that cutie that keeps checking me out?! She is sooo good lookin'" LOL!

  3. hahahaha this made my morning!

  4. It looks like she's trying to find just the right angle...Love it!

  5. Ahahahah I agree with Celina - she's checking how the light hits her face at different angles. ;) She's so cutie. That tufty hair and those ears about kill me every time. *munches*

  6. that is so precious. she's a doll. love her facial expressions - she's learning young :)

  7. i have never seen someone flirt so well as Harps does with herself! LOVE HER! We can pretend it's us she's making eyes at through the interwebs right?

    lucy is also in love with herself. she falls silent watching videos of herself and there are tiny lip marks all over our full length mirror. she's my blogs biggest fan.


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