Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sad day except for cute baby

This pic really doesn't capture the correct scale of this eNORmous/awesome Richard Scarry book.  

Saw my mom/H's gram off on a Jetblue jet today. I'm always sad when our visits end, but this time felt especially hard. I spent the rest of the day pretty mopey/maudlin/Cadbury egg eating.

I've had a turbulent and challenging past few months, and so her week here was really welcomed and needed and loved. Sometimes you don't even realize how much help you're missing until you're suddenly getting it. And as awesome as it was to have company and a major Harps helper and an insane laundry doer and a fellow thrift store shopper and high chair wiper downer and career advice giver etc etc -- it makes it sting that much more once it's gone.

Her visit also comes at a time I'm feeling especially homesick. So to send her back East, back where all my peeps are -- Ben and Amanda's new baby, my brother graduating from grad school (go T!!!), all the pretty lady babies dressed up in Easter dresses -- makes me feel way left out and lonely. Just the truth. Cuz as my city college professor used to tell us (about nothing, in particular): "You got to keep it real." God, I'm glad I went there.

But! Enough sad talk. Our visit really was awesome and not sad in the least! We visited Red Rocks and let Harps walk up and down the streets and little bridges of Morrison, we shared chocolate milkshakes, we shopped for fabric, we took many many walks, ate cupcakes, danced a tad too enthusiastically to Cats, taught Harper how to sniff flowers...

Speaking of Harpsychordy. Girlfriend is really having a learning spurt! Is that a thing? A learning binge? No? She's picking up words like mad and doing all these insane little tricks (must get this one on film STAT: she looks at a picture of someone doing downward dog and will get on the floor and do it! perfect form!!) and just being a total ham. She was also insanely crabby and needy the past couple days, so the tricks were a welcome distraction inbetween the wails.

For the peeps who do vids, here's H tonight, saying hi to "baby" -- aka her new cousin, Annabelle. Hearts!


  1. Sorry buddy :( ...

    The video is very, very, VERY cute! The extended kissing... I love!

  2. oh how delicious she is... i wish i could come over and hug you guys! xoxoxo

  3. (for my benefit, not yours.)

  4. she sure does love kissing! sorry about all the sad stuff. :(

  5. first of all, i love me some richard scarry.

    second of all, thinking of babies sniffing flowers is maybe the most precious thing i have ever heard.

    i hate feeling homesick -- will peeps help?!

  6. Sorry you are missing your mama & the extra help. I know how hard it is to live somewhere with a baberoo without family around (granted, I do have my SIL in town, but...yeah. you know the deal there.) XO

  7. I remembering being so impressed at what a baby absorbs at this age, and it only gets better. The video was such fun. Growing up with your cousins around makes it that much harder for you to see Harper away from her cousins. Hope things brighten up for you.

  8. Maybe I was remembering or maybe I remembered...

  9. thanks, everyone :) i'm a mope, but feeling better -- cadbury eggs help and i definitely need to procure some peeps...


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