Monday, April 04, 2011

You didn't read this?

Getting into bed the other night, cc literally said "woh!" with eyes lit up when he saw my bedtime apparel. Sexy lacy yada yada numba? Uh, no. A (stained) gray camisole from Gap. Pretty much broke my ragamuffin heart that that = a treat.

So today, I went to Vicky C's and spent some cash. I now own 6 bras (!?!?!?) that actually fit (!?!?!?) and 10 pair of unders-not-from-Costco-or-Sears. I have no idea why I'm sharing this of the main reasons I don't usually buy this stuff is that no one else sees it? Which seems wasteful and stoopid. But again -- cc deserves a little better. And really, so do I. I already feel a tad bit under 90yearsold now that my unmentionables are sort of mentionable. (I'm still watching Murder She Wrote during naptime, tho, let's not get crazy.)

So now you get to know what's going on with my unders! Wait no that's creepy. Just remember I'm not wearing uglies anymore! No, don't do that either. Ah yes, nevermind, delete post!


  1. Did it cost a bajillion dollars? Six bras! Your lingerie drawer will be so amazing. Good for you, my friend. I am currently down to one semi-fitting-ish bra and otherwise loosey-goosey nursing bras PLUS underwear in one size bigger than normal. Feel like sex kitten, for sure.

  2. LOL! Hysterical! We have all had a similar "aha moment," so don't feel awkward for sharing your unders status with the world :)

  3. they're called unmentionables for a reason...

  4. I need to revamp the collection too. Some of my underwear are like 8 years old. And it shows. Plus not a one of my bras fit right.

  5. Way to go, Amy! Oh, you know how I feel about unders! Sounds like more than just your spirits are being lifted these days? It's amazing what a new pair of skivvies will do for a girl...and her guy. ;)

  6. @nav: right?? like, almost enough for every day of the week? i'll say that 2 are the super comfy pullover type that give zero shape, etc...they should probably be called barely-bras. it wasn't cheap, but luckily had a bday gift certificate (from who i wonder???) from the time i conceived h to the time she weaned, i wore ONE BRA. sex kittens unite!

    @beth: i suggest a fitting, tho it took awhile to figure out what i was. oddly, still the same size as pre-pregnancy so things are VERY DIFFERENT. ;)

    @mandy: i still chuckle to myself re: your line (in the note you sent) about being "a little too interested in harper's underclothes" -- hey, they give both mamas, dadas, *and* babies a boost!

  7. dude, i splurge on comfy bras. especially my victoria secrets. although, i bought like four 10 months ago and haven't had to buy any since. they are THAT durable.

    when i was bfing, i splurged on motherhood maternity bras. I LURVED those bras and wished i could've worn them forever. hey, they had easy access for the hubby too, you just unsnap one side and BAM!, titty falls out.


  8. ahaha jess. TMI isn't in my vocab ;)

    i love nursing bras, too! so much, in fact, i was wearing one until i bought my new ones... even tho i haven't nursed in like 4 months. eep!

  9. I don't know you at all but I think you're funny & amazing :) thanks for the reminder & inspiration. I am sitting here in my dirty sweats & husbands super huge sweatshirt, baby just went down & my sweetheart will be home a little later. I have lots of heels, lace & fun stuff but seems like more & more I feel chubby or tired or whatever ... think I'll put on a cute apron (with nothing else), high heels & whip up some chocolate chip cookies ... thanks for the great idea, our amazing husbands are worth getting out of 'relax' zone :)


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