Friday, May 13, 2011

Fine, Blogger, fine

Apparently, Blogger didn't approve of my rainy day semi-poem post. And it's...gone forever? Bye!

So back to our regularly scheduled programming.

We've had lots (well, in a relative Denver sense) of rain, which made for fun backyard splashing this morning when the sun returned. Pantsless water play is required around here, at least once a day.

Very concerned. About many things.

Bye bye wa-wa.
And now a completely apropos of nothing picture. Formerly mentioned yellow-flowers-in-glass-milk-jars and my polka dot pillow I finally finished. These caption centering issues are driving my OCD nuts.


  1. i LOVE that pillow! you did a great job! and you also did a great job on that baby. and that deleted poempost. you're gettin' a raise.

  2. I think she's primarily concerned about her lack of pants.

  3. Such a cutie! You're one lucky mama!

  4. I likey. Do you think you could upholster my sofa and loveseat? Very simple lines. Must have missed the deleted blog.

  5. Love the pillow!! haha and i 2nd Krista - not too bad on the baby either.

    Those straw cups are the best - Lucy will only have milk out of those!

  6. *bites off chunk of delicious baby thigh*


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