Friday, May 06, 2011

A few Friday foughts uh thoughts

- We didn't have the Internets ('cept for on my phone) for a bunch of days. Because...the bill wasn't paid? When we moved there was a hiccup in the auto-pay, I guess, and therefore my Netflix streaming was forcefully ripped from my puny hands. When you rely on Simon and Simon episodes for that eighties screwball fix, things get dire without it. Also, I'm really behind on my blahg reading. Probably not a bad thing to distance myself from stranger's pregnancies I'm way too invested in?

- Went to Jane Eyre with Manj last night. I really enjoyed, though yet again we found ourselves hiding behind our hands, afraid of the screen. We have issues. This time, the screen was delivering up -- a crow I believe? Oooo sca-wee.

- I've been on a strange memoir kick. First, the New York Regional Mormon Halloween Singles Dance something or other, then Tina Fey's new book, and now Ice-T's. (Yes. I love him, deeply, zero irony, I'm not kidding.) I've been doing pretty good with my reading goal this year (think I've exceeded it already, not that the number was very lofty), though I'd like to try and read fewer things all at once. Currently, it's a crazyperson mix of hiphop gangster tales, Buddhism, and a mystery novel set in a post office.

- I've entered into the food battlezone with Harps. One day, she'll love something to pieces (banana and peanut butter), the next it's like I'm poisoning her. And she is not enjoying her high chair. And even if she's hungry, she's more interested in playing with her edemame than eating it. If I use her little table and chairs for eating, she's happy for a bit, but then she starts roaming around with her food and smearing it in my Uggs. These are the most cliched toddler complaints, I realize, but oh-so-frustrating! She'll actually wake up hungry (and finally chow down on dinner at 9 pm) because she won't eat dinner.  I know the solution is something along the lines of make her get hungry/don't hand her string cheese while she wanders around/food is for the table only or whatever, but she's a lady on the go! Doh. *head in hands*

- Thank the heavens for therapists and house cleaners.

- I find myself conflicted on this blog sometimes. Because it's read largely by faraway family members, I want to do some Harps bragging since that'll make 'em proud. But then, ew to people who find that ew. Am I right? Maybe I should create a little tab up top exclusively for that. But for now - girlfriend can say lots of words! I won't go into details or numbers because then that's ew, but she's a little chatty butt.

- Any ideas for a cool hat I can wear around to protect my delicate facial skins? Without looking like a dweebtoast? 

- All I want for Mother's Day is doughnuts and sleep.


  1. I think you're lying that Harper can say a lot of words.

    HA! I say you are fully free to brag more about her baby skillz here.

    BUT! I keep a blog (private so I can include nudie pics) for just family members and there I can write about all of Bella's tricks without having to stop and be all political and diplomatic and GAH about it. Extra work, but it also works to keep my mom & MIL away from my regular blog so that's a bonus.

    High chair idea - Bella was getting difficult w/her high chair, too, but she is much more willing to do a Phil & Ted travel highchair that I attached to the kitchen table. Maybe cause she can feel like a big kid at the table?

  2. Yeah, might be time to transfer her to the big kids table! Those boosters are pretty cheap. And it feels good to have them next you.
    I like whatever you write! Who cares. It's a blog. Unless someone wants to sponsor you for gushing over your Harps, continue on with your thing. :)

  3. I am setting Everly up for some awful habits. I feed her breakfast in random places (like sometimes while I lay in bed resting)... :| Crap.

    Toddler age, I am scared of you.

    I don't care how much bragging you do! I don't think you've ever been annoying or weird about it. You always balance it just fine in my opinionz! I like knowing how she's growing too because it gives me kind of a preview!

  4. Your blog, your life and please include every little thing that Harper does. And then go on to add things about you and Clay. I am even interested in new equipment on the playground next door.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. oh i'm glad your internets are back, i was missing your blahg!

    i'm reading portia de rossi's memoir now. sort of lame, but i love her. and it got me out of the YA phase i was stuck in.

    i love the harps stuff!


  6. I love the details. I totally care - even though its a little weird since I'm a stranger. But um - I've been reading since you were pregnant.

    I've actually read that you're supposed to let them pick and eat to produce people without food issues. It was either Dr. Sears or some other hippy baby advice book. Do what makes the both of you happy.

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  8. For hats, Urban has a lot of really cute straw ones that are kind of funky cool. Dang that pesky sun!

  9. It's your blog so you should write whatever you feel like. If people don't like it and/or feel like you are bragging, they can stop reading. I like to make note of everything my kids are up to on my blog because I am sucktastic at keeping their babybooks up and so my blog acts as a "life journal," if you will, that we can refer back to.
    And I love seeing with other people's kiddos are up to and the funny things they say and do!


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