Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get in shape, girl!

After a workout, I really enjoy a nice piece-a fruit.

Please please, can a fellow grew-up-in-the-eighties-early-nineties reader say they, too, had Get in Shape, Girl?! It was an "exercise program" for little girls, totally cashing in on the Jane Fonda aerobics craze. I was SO INTO IT, especially because my mom taught aerobics and it gave me my own little moves. There was a cassette tape with a manic lady shouting out commands and little weird weighted bangles, I think? I need to find this on ebay and get Harps gettin' in shape stat!


  1. LOL never had it, but totally remember it. Ah, the 80s.

  2. You had two sets of it! And there were blue terrycloth "heavy" elasticized wristlets as well as the headband...haha... Feel the burn!

  3. Sadly, I know not of this video, but my sibs and I did love a "Mousercize" aerobics video that we checked out from the library. It was a mix of kids + and instructor + Mickey Mouse.

    We were just plain scandalized by the hip thrusts done on the floor and that was at a time when we weren't quite sure what was so scandalous about it. But there was no stopping the obvious wrongness of a 10 year old thrusting his hips up and down in shiny shorts.

    I also have the cool down song from that video memorized and it comes into my head - oh - EVERYTIME I'm stretching after a workout. "Cool down, cool down - you've earned the right. Slow down, slow down, you poor poor muscles are tense and tight. You know that it feels soooooo cool down, cool down"

    Now that I think about it, that whole video was full of innuendo.

  4. I remember Mousercize! I was just thinking about it yesterday for some reason. I just watched, I never exercised.

  5. I think we had that Mousercize thing too! Or something similar... It had a mashup of the Village People and Dobald Duck singing 'Macho macho duck'. The 80s, how I miss you!

  6. @mom: i had two?? lucky lady! i swear we found the tape a few years ago, pre-move. maybe we can dig it up this summer for harps.. *cue frantic hunt*

    @nav: this cracked me up. i think you should make a vid, singing your cool down song. sexaaaaay.

    oh, the 80's really were a special time for us all.

  7. Dearest blue jean amy and other Moucercise fans...I found this on You Tube :

    I don't even have to tell you to enjoy it, do I? I just know you will...

  8. F'ing inCREDible.

    I can't believe you found it!

    How did this happen? How did people think this was...okay?

    For some reason, the line: "You've earned the right" is my favorite. Ludicrous!

    And the kids aren't even snickering! They deserve Oscars.


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