Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mumma day

Hello and hi! Firstly, thanks so much for all the "hey, keep hittin us with Harps bi'ness" words sent my way. You guys are too nice! I shall reward you with enough H tales to be charming, but not enough to send you barfing/regretting your encouragement.

Secondly, happy Mum Day! I hope it was either awesomely crazy or quiet and silly or full of strawberry shortcake ... whatever would make happy my fellow moms or soon-to-be moms or those many people who do motherly things for their friends or family or or or! These days are nice, but I always feel for my friends who have lost their mums or, for other reasons, might not have the day the commercials say it should be. Sometimes these days have crazy expectations, when really ... it's just a day!

As the back of one of H's books says: "Happy things, sad things -- they're all in a baby's day!" Makes me chuckle every time, yet it's also strangely wise?

Moving on.

I got to sleep LATE today, made easy by cc taking Harps out of the house for hours. If you can't hear little squawks and chirps, it's a lot easier to stay oblivious to the world at large. I was up before they were back and even had time to put in my contacts and Neti pot my nose (a daily must must must in my life) without someone clinging to my leg. Then there were flowers (called "owwwwwwers" by bumbum) and gifties and smooches from my lovies.

Elsewhere, spring has sprung, but here...summer has, well, shown up. Hard. It was mid-80's today, sun blazing, crazytalk today and (if this year is like last year), we'll keep that up through September. It's the kind of sun that's so intense, you get major color even with 30 SPF on. I see lots of indoor time from the hours of...sunrise to sunset for the next few months. Or at least noon to four? Must not get wrinkly, friendlies.

Didn't get any snaps today -- not even of H's brand new purple sandals she's so proud of -- but here's a little video the two of us made a couple days ago, right after waking up. Pretty much sums up why being a fulltimemom is my thing. I get to sidekick it up with this ham everyday all day.

Untitled from amy cowan on Vimeo.


  1. You girls are the loveliest! The eye contact during the silliness makes this mommy melt!

    Happy Mother's Day, Amy!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!! That video is soooo adorable :). I LOVE the smooch at the end. Hope you're doing well.

  3. awwwwwwww, so cute! I just love that little "je ne sais quoi" you two share! Glad you had a great day!

  4. Oh my gosh, that video is beyond cute! Happy belated Mother's day!

  5. Thanks, la-ladies! Not much else to do at 6 am, so we turn to the camera. ;)

  6. aaaaaaah i love you two!!!!!!!!!!!

    fell into a crumble on the floor when you said "you're a really good kisser."



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