Thursday, May 19, 2011

A naptime picnic

Crusty bread + ricotta + heirloom tomato + plenty of salt = MARRY ME, LUNCH.

In our pad, Harps' bedroom is on the same floor as the kitchen. (Which would be the main floor, obvs.) We sleep upstairs, but everything else is down. This makes for tricky situations when she's sleeping. I can't really go crazy cleaning the kitchen after she's down because it's too loud. We have to go upstairs to use the bathroom (or, hey maybe sometimes the backyard) or else the flush will wake her up. Yada yada, you get the point.

The latest issue, since I'm actually trying to eat lunch these days, is how to make said lunch during her nap. I don't want to make her sound like some hothouse flower that can't sleep through us doing normal living. But, she's extremely sensitive to the sounds of crinkling and opening, especially during the lighter sleep of naps, and those are all sounds I need to make to make a delicious repast. Sorry I said repast.

Okay, so very unnecessary long story short, I've taken to taking my lunch ingredients to the patch of floor near the backyard slider. It's not in her tunnel of hearing and I can enjoy a little teevs while I myself, on the floor, inside?

Full disclosure, last weekend I also made most of my homemade chicken soup in this nook.

Yes, Future Breeders of the World, this life can too be yours!


  1. I am still napping right now during her morning nap, which is something that is... on it's way out. She is starting to want to stay up longer in the mornings, so if I nap when she does, it's like the middle of the day and I feel gross.

    Her bedroom is on our 2nd floor and I keep her door closed and she STILL wakes up to noises sometimes. And I still get this panicky feeling if Millie growls at a dog or I drop something on the floor or whatever... it's actually hilarious how scared I get that she will wake and I will lose that time to like... be alone? I don't know!

    Anyway - unnecessarily long comment short, this is one of my favorite entries ever. It had me super tickled thinking about you curled up in your little place eating lunch like that. I love it so much. I also love that you eat tomatoes like that. I can eat tomatoes all day long by themselves and people think I'm weird.

    Love this post so much. :) Have a good weekend, frand sauce.

  2. My husband has taught my four year old to talk loudly so now I say, "Shush" all the time like a granny. I just want some peace. Please.
    I get the nook thing. If the baby is awake while it's lunch time, I have to put him in the swing and eat lunch on the floor next to him just so he'll stop whining. I'm not even sure if this is normal, but it buys me some peace. I need the peace.

  3. Have music in her room during napping - good to go.

  4. Amazing photo Amy. Looks like a painting.

  5. Love the lunch photo. Where can I get tomatoes of that color? Lunch/crunch time reminds me of school...quiet time not a problem, though.(joke, joke) Cafeteria has stoplight that goes from yellow warning (getting too loud) to red (students on silence). Fun post; I enjoy all of them.


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