Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainy, rainy Wednesday

Fast walking away from the bungalow and through the rain and alongside the lilac bushes, green boots stomping and glasses steamy. Harper under the stroller umbrella, snug in her wool cardy and pink fleece pants and sipping her milk sippy, fogging up the plastic with her sugar breath.

Meeting a girlfriend and her girl for lunch at the cafe a few jogs away. Shaking off the rain (and hail and fallen tree leaves and cold) and pulling off baby's soft purple hat. Room temp water in mason jars and brie/apple sandwich in one hand while shoveling blackberries and raspberries and snozberries into her bird mouth. Anything to keep her peaceful and full in the little chair, away from the angry feet of the big biceped waitresses.

Then both girls escaping to freedom, noses pressed against the glass back door, pointing to the soggy flowers and the white vintage stove, abandoned in the rain.


  1. Nicely poem.

  2. "...away from the angry feet of the big biceped waitresses." My fav.


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