Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shifty oatmeal eyes

The Texas part of our trippy trip is complete and we're onto Maine. All is going well and having a good journey so far.

And just couldn't resist a quick yello, m'frands.

Here's my buttercup eating some oatmeal, at my favorite little place in Dallas -- The Dream Cafe. If you happen to find yourself in the Big D (especially if you've got a babe or two), do try mmmkah?

Ni'ni's for us. Somehow always stay up way too late at home...



  1. best face ever! enjoy your trip!

  2. no. come back and blog so i can read it.

  3. mmm, oatmeal! been trying to healthify H's with wheat germ and ground flax seed - poor kid. I'm as bad as my parents were with their hippie wheat germ omelettes...berk! enjoy Maine and fam and friends! we're heading there this Summer - would love tips!!


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