Monday, May 09, 2011

Things I really like right now

 I have a headache and cc's out on a bi'ness dinner and I'm watching Valley of the Dolls on Netflix (I read that book in one day a few years ago while hanging with cc in Fort Worth and avoiding the wretched heats) and I just feel like typing up some random recs:

Whole Foods sells these candles called Tru Melange (I do not support that name choice) and because I'm a cheapy, I get the travel size. This one is a mix of vanilla and peppermint and it's like a delicious subtle candy (is that a thing?) in your nose. It's a soy/beeswax combo and so it burns clean. (Important for asthma persons such as myself.) I love buying little extras like this, that don't cost much but feel like a treat. Treats get me through!

Green tea (home brewed hot then cooled down for a bit in the fridge -- because bottled/iced has already lost its antioxidants) mixed with Paul Newman's lemonade. I'm awful at getting my daily dose of green tea, but this makes it delicious/doable.

Any and all things California Baby. Sure, it costs an arm and a leg, but there's zero naughty chemicals and everything is delicious smelling and great for sensitive skin. I especially adore their eucalyptus bubble bath and their bedtime lotion -- smells like lavender and mint and chamomile and, well, dreams.

Bon Appetit magazine. The former tenants at our pad forgot to change the addy on all their subscrips. So! We get a lovely array of periodicals, including Nat Geo and The Annals of Internal Medicine (I wish I could say I was strong enough to resist reading it, but I'm too obsessed) and! Bon App. V good.

The table and chair set we bought (from a Montessori supply shop online) for Harps last month. She loves it and these days it's often the only place she'll eat. There's something so delicious about a baby person sitting in her own chair, isn't there?

Resisting the pull and keeping my hair un-highlighted. (Free!)


Using glass milk jugs for yellow flowers.

(This list, upon re-read, makes me sound a little bit like a crazy crunchy person? Am I a crazy crunch person? I really like bad TV and cheeseburgers, I swear.)


  1. "I do not support this name choice." Hahahaha.

    You make me excited for getting Bon Appetit magazine - Husband got a free magazine with something else (random thing) and that was the one I picked. WOOT.

    An 85% crunchy person who loves diet coke, store-bought cake, and gossip magazines.

  2. Embrace the crazy crunchy, pickle jars and all!

  3. I think I may be a secret crunchy person too, haha. I even use an oil burner rather than candles! I try to balance it out by eating my weight in McDonalds fries every now and then :3

  4. so..

    would love to know some products/stuff you use for your own asthma. hannah has asthma and we are trying EVERYTHING to help her out. would like to see some posts about it :). does harper have asthma?

  5. I second the love of the steam mop! So great. I just wish I got the deluxe version because the cord is too short on mine to do the whole kitchen, so I have to keep unplugging and replugging (PIA).
    I also freed myself of highlights a few years ago. I totally feel the pull to get them after I have a baby and I want to be all young and thin and fresh again. But then the fact that I HAVE KIDS resurfaces and I realize there is no way in h*ll I will ever be able to make it back to the salon in 8 weeks for a touch up, so why bother. Whatevs...brunette is so the new blonde anyway :)

  6. What is a steam mop????

    I hate myself for being so interested in that one.

    Danny Tanner


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