Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I don't believe in wordless Wednesdays

This question is for everyone, but especially Michaela: Where does one find really cute muumuus? I want to wear a muumuu everyday of my life. Once and for all, I want pants banish-ed (does anyone else ALWAYS pronounce that word Shakespeare style?) from my life. I straight up look and feel bad in them. I think a girl in my situation (buddha tummy, no bum, but yes hips, but skinny legs) shouldn't be trying to figure out the mystery that is pants. As this chick I used to work for once told me: "Well, denim is really just for farmers anyways." Oooo snap! (Hey, I don't agree. Hey, I'm only trying to make my un-denimable bod feel better.)

Moving on.

The following picture cracks me up. It's Harps hanging with one of her boyfriends (girlfriend needs some girlfriends! Lucy F, where are you?!) while I was at an appointment of some sort. She looks pretty angry to be interrupted. And he just looks psyched.

Please don't mind her Blossom, circa 1993 hat. She loves that sucker and I always gets props that my kiddo keeps a hat on. But in reality, she's pretty particular about what she'll keep on. And this one...this dated little denim (for farmers!) number is a major fav. Don't hate!

Moving on again.

Someone tweeted the other day, "Is there anything better than canceled plans?" And I so agree. As much as I'm looking forward to something, I always get a little rush of excitement when it gets canceled. Sad! Yesterday, my cleaning lady (this strikes me as a horrible label, somehow -- Woman Who Cleans My Home?) canceled just as I was rushing around and making things semi-okay for her to enter. I've made a pact with myself that I'm not going to clean for the cleaner, because that's just weird. But I still wanted to do a couple quick things. Then my phone buzz buzzed with a text and she was canceling and the skies opened up and rained Skittles and Peeps.

Think we might head to the Children's Museum today. Oh wait I might have a stalker. Or the Botanic Gardens! Or the Aquarium! Or the moon. NOW YOU'LL NEVA FIND ME.


  1. that picture just made. my. day.

  2. She's a-gettin' so biiig!

    Pants shopping is hard! I need new jeans but I just can't bring myself to buy them. It's funny because I love shopping usually! Just not for pants!

  3. I totally say banish-ed. And then I repeat it in a booming voice in my head. So much fun and drama!

    Denim is not my friend after baby #2. I'm still struggling to lose weight, but my prepregnancy jeans are too big...WTF? Isn't it suppose to the other way around?

    Harps is growing up so fast!

  4. super jealous that you have a cleaning lady - send her my way, but it'd had to be for free!

  5. SO MANY THINGS of which i will tackle in chronological order:

    1. I think we have similar shapes (no butt, etc) except i have bigger feet and you're smaller. i also am concerned about the shapeless dress (read: muumuu) but doesn't a voluminous bun offset it all? SAY YES!

    2. OMG LUCY SHOUT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE DYING OVER HERE!!!!!!! Someday we'll have our time to let our girlies play!

    3. Cancelled plans = THE BEST.

    All of you please come live in my pocket.


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