Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend roundup

I never knew about doughnuts till today.

 Firstly, do you guys watch 30 Rock? I'm picturing you all nodding right now and that makes me happy. I tend to let my DVR pile up with a few eps and then I catch up and I feel like shouting "I LOVE YOU, LIZ LEM!" So I do.

And in other news, it's still rainy/gray around here. Which, gotta be honest -- I don't really mind at all. I sometimes have Insecure About the Weekend syndrome (developed during college), an illness that makes me feel like I should have really awesome plans Friday night through Sunday afternoon. And when I hear about other people, and their busy/crazy/exciting weekends, I look down at my brother's old gray sweatpants falling off my bum and feel a little lame.

But when it rains! I have an excuse for doing what I really want to do. Which is: Eat doughnuts, lounge around, walk up and down the sidewalk and sniff flowers with Harper, cook and make my kitchen messy, watch my DVR, read my PD James, eat more doughnuts. I officially can't have rad plans because it's gloomy out! Or something.

No access to the indoors never looked so cute!

Saturday afternoon, H and I took a little jaunt to the doughnut shop and once we got home (our faces smothered in powder), she wanted to play outside in the sprinkles. (Rain sprinkles, not doughnut sprinkles, although that sounds more fun.) So I darted inside to get our coats and hats. But then I ... left our keys inside. Locked out and it feels so goooood. We had an hour out in the rain before cc heard our phoning/doorbelling/knocking/yelling. But hey, that night we slept like babies! (Babies who aren't nursing.)

And today, Harps helped me weed the backyard (by throwing all the pulled-ups into our inflatable swimming pool) and then do some vacuuming (I've got a vid of this for later -- girlfriend loves to clean) and spent close to an hour lifting my Method cleaning spray (Ginger yuzu! Not as delicious as the lavender, but it was time for a change) up and down off the coffee table with great focus and chatter.

Now to my blue-and-white comforter and some Brit reading and maybe a little om. Happy weekend's end!


  1. hannah LOVES to clean also (i hope it lasts for another good 17 years).

  2. Give me the child... I *must* rub my face in her tiny hairs that stick up all over her head. omgsh... it's killing me!

    I am going to buy some method cleaning stuff as soon as we run out of this stuff we have now... which sadly will probably last at least another 3 months because I never clean or use it. :(

    Our weekends sound much the same. I always marvel at what people sometimes get done during week days. Who are these people? Where do they store their energy???

  3. Your weekends are so my speed. There are some parents in SF that have crazy activity-packed weekends, and we're like...maybe we'll head to Sports Basement?


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