Monday, June 06, 2011

4:15! Wakey wakey!

Hey guys? Whenever I get the urge to merge again and have número dos, please remind me how delightfully insane my toddler is? How she's currently waking up at 4:15 for the day (a vacation sleep thing, I'm praying) and rarely stops moving thereafter? How yes, she's hilarious and too smart and such a ham, but with that, super independent and strong willed and thinks she can drive a car?

And did I mention IS WAKING UP AT 4:15?!

But vacation rolls on and Grammy takes second shift now score yea woot snore!


  1. Good times, good times. Did I read that you are vacationing up in Maine? Where abouts?!

  2. That is the time the birds wake-up around Maine. Wakes us up also, but then they sing us back to sleep.

  3. But can you imagine your blog with numero dos on the way? THAT IS A REASON TO DO IT!


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