Sunday, June 12, 2011

(About to be) a basketcase

Best toys are not toys, duh. And hello, bumble bee jammies I love thee.

Our morning ka-tivity a couple days ago was...the laundry basket. Seeming endless entertainment for my bumble bee bum and her newly blonded locks. (I've got a seriously golden skinned and haired lady on my hands; playgroup babies won't know her. Sorta like how I grew 7 inches over summer break once?)

And: sob sob sob, H and I are hitting the skies tomorrow, heading back to the Rockies and our little bungalow. My mom has given me a M-A-J-O-R vacation these past bunch of days and hoooo boy, did I need it. I'm feeling much more ready to take back the household tasks and toddler duties and such, that had me oh-so-burned-out a few weeks ago.

Please send up a prayer to the baby Buddha for my baby Buddha and me as we endure a loooooooong a%s day of travel tomorrow? Muah!

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  1. Happy you had a great vacation and wishing you a happy trip home. Cute, sweet picture. I am taking my computer to my mom's, and she loves to see the blog and pictures. Officially retired and willing and ready to bumble bee babysit anytime you and Clay get a chance to leave for a quick (or long) trip.


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