Wednesday, June 08, 2011

H and T

Staring into space for a good 20, completely mesmerized.

One of my fav things about this trip is watching my little bro and Harps get to know each other. She was nervous around him at first, but soon started pointing and coyly chirping, "T-t!" Asking to be picked up and grabbing his shock of dark hair.

But once he busted out the geetar, forgetaboutit. He became a full-on rock star.

She felt the love last year, too, but just totally gets it now. Last night, instead of dancing like a mad woman per usual, she wouldn't stop fussing until he played AND held her. You could tell she was loving actually feeling the music vibrations of the strings and his voice and instantly went into a semi-hypnotized state of baby bliss.

Pretty much a full-on heart 'splosion for me, too.


  1. a. Happy about the transition of calling Trev "T - T" vs "Dada" as she started with

    b. Time for "Ma!" to get out the guitar

  2. ^^ LOL CC!


  3. Cindy C5:45 AM

    Sweet, sweet.

  4. my fav picture of harps yet. the power of uncles in INSANE.

  5. Awesome....


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