Thursday, June 16, 2011

A little vacay recap

A day that will live in infameeeeeeee.  

Okay, so first thing's first. I completely forgot that the pregnant lady across the aisle snapped this shot 5 seconds after H had cried so hard she just collapsed onto me (I wish this better captured her complete look of sad clown, although maybe not since it really was heart wrenching) and 5 seconds before we touched down and she bolted awake, screaming for another 20 minutes. It was an awesome 10 seconds of peace! 

(Side note, said plane photog was a couple months away from her first baby. She spent a good amount of that time telling me how much labor was going to be a natural and easy kind of pain and how back labor can be "easily soothed" in the birthing tub. Wow! If only I'd known this simple trick, I wouldn't have suffered so! I desperately wish I could be a fly on her birthing room wall...)

Moving on!

I like how there's a cute little bib bow in the back. Fashion first, ladies!

 We already know about the love triangle that is Harper + T + guitar, but who couldn't use another shot? Look at them hold hands! (She might have been trying to steal his pick...)

She wrecked a good amount of these measuring cups, via shoving them down the disposal.

Next up, sink baths! For some reason, H was scared of my mom's bathtub. (We think it was the drain, which is a little louder than ours, maybe?) After a couple days of sunscreen and sweat and toddler filth piling up, we tried for the sink bath instead. And then she was utterly obsessed. She'd ask for one throughout the day and sometimes, ohwhatthehell, we just gave in. She averaged 2.5 a day.

Tried my best to hide the naughty bits.
Aside from the out-of-character tub protests, my baby is a water baby. Hardcore. Mom lives walking distance to the ocean (heaven!) and so we'd trek over there and let naked baby go crazy. She was absolutely fearless, storming into the sea without a second glance back. And that stuff is chilly, yo! Thanks to my dad for the water shoes, she could keep her footing throughout her little nautical adventures. I love how brave that little nut is!

I look like a giant! It was the shoes, unfortunately.
And lastly, here's a weird and ghostly shot at Becky's Diner in Portland. Four generations of ladies rocking out after supper! I loved watching H play with my Gram -- she absolutely loved it when she'd kiss her little fingers.

And that was a mini-shot of Maine, m'dears. I've got some good Texas pics on the real camera that I'll upload soon -- didn't forget about ya, oulaws-of-mine!

Breakfast time for me, made by me. Turns out my mom's not here anymore to make me tea. Blergh!


  1. Beckys!! Looove that place. I know you mentioned a while back that you were from the GD area where my husband grew up. Have your parents since moved to Maine? I grew up in Portland...right on the boulevard! We are actually heading up to Maine tomorrow for the weekend :)

  2. She's so big, I can't believe it in the pic with your mom holding her. Wow... I love these.

  3. The blonde hair...Oh my! So gorgeous!

  4. I totally feel you on that plane ride, had one like that with Bowie when he was just about that same age. Sounds like you had a fab vacay though, which is awesome. I need to visit my hometown and parents like WHOA.

  5. @MT: oh nice, i didn't know you'd grown up in portland! what a cool place to be a kid ;) we lived in mass for 20ish years, and my mom relocated last year to maine to be near the rest of my fam up there. she's in south portland and i LOVE it!

    @kalen: isn't she enormous?! what in the what.

    @celina: she's all straw-haired now! it's nutty :)

  6. I was afraid of the bathtub drain and the toilet flushing.


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