Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday morning

Sitting here, more than a little damp, after a morning "wa! wa!" through the rain. Because it gets so flippin hot and sunny here once it hits 11ish, I'm trying to skew our outdoor time to the a.m. She's picked up on the routine (after a diaper change and some milk, we grab our shoes and hit the tough streets) and doesn't want to let it go now, even when it's monsooning.

I guess the thing is, why not get a little wet and soggy when there's nowhere else to go and nothing else to do? She just looks so dang happy, splashing in the puddles and eating the garden...

And of course, I might be suffering from just a tad lump of guilt, after leaving her screaming with the sitter last night so we could go enjoy a delicious din and then rock out to Rock of Ages, starring oh yes -- my long term beloved -- Constantine Maroulis. I was worried he might not show, since the leads often rest up for Sunday performances, but oh my! He was there and scrumptious and if it hadn't been for the crowd between us and my husband beside me, I might have thrown some undergarments.

Ah but excuse me, I'm getting all sweaty and off-subject. Point is, she was m-a-d when we left and as good a time as we had, my heart was a little heavy knowing she was sad. According to the sitter's report, she eventually simmered down and watched some Elmo ("Elm! Elm!") before falling asleep hard. And she appeared to have forgiven all when I scooped her up and smothered her with sugars this morning... But an early morning splash on the sidewalks definitely didn't hurt.

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