Monday, July 04, 2011

Long weekend recap and now I'm spent

Happy America Day! Tonight we headed to the 'burbs for some eats and fireworks with our 'burbs friends. Last year's 4th it was pouring rain and we had a tiny babe and I'm pretty sure we just sat on the couch and watched Keith Lockhart be dweeby. So things are on the up and up! It can be a pain to pack up the babe and hit the road and all that, but I'm glad we went; she had such a blast almost-getting-trampled by all the big kids and eating watermelon and watching the little fireworks go off in the backyard (I thought she'd freak from the sound, but she was wholly delighted) and chasing a balloon around and around. Girlfriend is so busy and brave and outgoing -- we have no idea where her personality came from (seriously).

But backing up a little.

We totally pulled our acts together on Friday and were leaving the city by 1. 1! Drove to Steamboat, a little ski/resort town up in the Rockies. I didn't know much about it, but dude. Dude. It was really, really beautiful out there. Mostly undeveloped (except for the tres cute/very out-Westerny downtown), a fetching combo of mountains (with snow still!) meets farmland meets rivers and deer running around. Felt so different from the city, just a few hours away, and not all schmancy icky like some of the mountain resort towns in Colo.

Our hotel room was nice, with actually a very lovely mountain view and balcony, but no little alcove for H's pack 'n play. So...we put her in the bathroom? I felt semi-guilty about it, until the first night when we closed the door and she was silent (not one protest) and asleep in under a minute. And slept till 7:15 the next morning. At which point I started deciding how we'd fit her home crib into our home bathroom... (I kid. Mostly.)

Here's cc and me, hamming it up on the balcony, while Harps slumbered next to the toilet.

The next day we ate brekky at the hotel (Harps ate and then squashed every other blackberry in her bowl, while watching the crazy trampolining nut jobs at the festival out the window) and then headed up the mountain in a gondola.

Harper hamming in said gondola:

Why must sunscreen turn her into a ghost?

 Then we got to the top and ah, beauty! We ran around in the yellow sunshine and blue sky and green grass and felt like we were in a coloring book. There were a bunch of neat hikes up there, but "hiking" doesn't really happen with toddlers. Maybe in one of those backpack things, child doesn't do backpacks. So we went down a trail for a little bit and we picked some flowers and kept saying "Ah, beauty!"


Wait, sucka! I'm just a kid!

 Oh and...this:


And then we went baaaaack down the mountain, ears a'popping, and took some naps. (Some of us next to the shower.) Then! Back in the car for some hippie sandwiches downtown and some shopping at the old-fashioned drugstore. (I'll tell the story of what we bought her/her reaction in a future post. Oh, the sweetness of that squish.) Next, a little drive to Steamboat Lake State Park. More beauty, etc! I pulled up my skirt bottom while Harps waded (deep) into the lake and successfully dodged teenage boys' watergunning and stole another baby's shovel and had a grand old time. Until she pooped. Then it was bye bye water... We changed her and then let her hang topless for a bit, while she ate some pine cones and picked dandelions.

May I help you?

 We wrapped up the day with a dip in the pool and a pizza party over Caillou (he's just a kid who's four!) in bed. She fell asleep hard again, while we ate some BBQ corn nuts and chocolate cake and tried to spy on our neighbors and watched a show about Gypsy weddings in the UK. It was actually fairly romantic.

Well, and now my contacts are really crunchy in my eyes and the fireworks have finally stopped pounding outside and my bed is smelling really good. So I'll wrap this up... We ate a huge a%$ cinnamon bun and coffee in big green mugs at a cute diner for breakfast the next morning, then zipped home, HJ snoozing most of the way back, us quietly listening to podcasts and enjoying the green green green of everything outside our window.

It's crazy how 48 hours away can feel like a real little holidee when the weather's right and the scenery's gorge and the company's fab. So glad we went..and I think cc and Hmoney are, too.


  1. Yes...coloring book pictures, except we know the characters. Looks as if the packing/traveling efforts were worth it. Clay, Lee, and I went to Steamboat to ski one winter, and it is a nice atmosphere in the winter, too. But, I remember Clay having an ankle injury the first day :()
    Amy, thank you for the pictures and comments.

  2. That second picture of Harps standing on the side of the mountain totally cracked me up.
    Sounds like an amazing and gorgeous weekend!

  3. That gypsy show is AH-MAZING!!!!!

  4. You look really pretty in all those pictures!

  5. @em: dang girl, thanks!


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