Sunday, November 13, 2011

This weekend.

This weekend, my mom took the train down for a quick visit. The train! A quick visit! Also known as: things made possible by my new locale. Harper lost her mind (I mean, really) when she realized Grammy was in the car all uh the sudden. And I lost my mind when I realized weeeeee! I've got more h-e-l-p! Weeeeee! I can bathe and pee! Grammy usually ends up feeling like quite the VIP.

Navigating the rocky shore. A couple o' pirates.

These pictures are out of order because Blogger wants me committed to a hospital for cranial leakage. But anyways. Here's Harps when she realized I was taking pics of us. Happy happy baby with little pearls for teeth. (Also, this was 2 minutes after a long string of scary, death-defying playground tricks on her behalf. Can't I have a wimpy child, please? I'm scared of her bravery. Does that sentence make sense?)

That little blonde mop needs a serious chopping.

An entirely perfect afternoon for one happened today. (One being me, natch?) I've committed myself to doing 45-60 minutes of yoga during HJ's nap and usually/hopefully this affords me some leftover time when I'm finished sweating for eating and sitting. Today, I finished my mat stuff and then made hot tea, a plate of Indian leftovers, and grabbed the Sunday paper. Stuff dreams are made of. (It lasted about 20 minutes.)

I'm really, really into raita. And making a soupy mess.

I'm loving this insanely warm November. Lots of beach time makes all the people happy.

Every single person thought she was a boy. Sigh.

I told you we transitioned Harps to a bed? I thought it would be a huge, tortuous ordeal but...nothing really changed. One night we just said "Hey! You sleep in a bed now, cool?" And she was all "Okay, cool!" And life went on. She loves the thing and asks to go to bed now, letting us walk away with a jolly "Ni ni!" and I love not worrying about her climbing out of the crib and breaking her bones.

Of course we made sure the room is all safe and secure and fine, However. When she wakes up in the morning, she CAN bolt out of bed quite fast and open her own door (very recent discovery) so that needs to be fixed fast. Don't need her wandering around, making oatmeal and coffee and such. Tonight there shall be a chair blocking her exit, tomorrow we'll get our acts together.

Reading books in new bed. Pretty proud of her digs.

Totally a deer-caught-in-the-headlights shot, buuuuuut I just had to snap a pic of that Book Worm shirt, courtesy of a cc shopping spree. Heh! Tonight I used it as jammies (anyone else use real clothes as jammies when they want to layer up? Er?) and she was so flippin soft and snuggly while I sang Cee-Lo and rubbed her back. This was right before bed, coloring her letters with a "geen" crayon. Little love ham sammich jones burger.

I pluck her eyebrows once a week.

What'd you guys do?


  1. one of those cheapo pressure mounted baby gates can keep her in her room :)

  2. Nice,nice. Great pictures.

  3. Anonymous5:34 AM

    is she in a toddler bed or a twin bed? we are transitioning hannah after baby #2 comes.

  4. The Sea, the Sea and We!

  5. @Gigi: We opted for the doorknob cover...for now. She basically lets us know she's ready to get out by rattling it over and over and over. Cheery!

    @Jess: A toddler bed, tho it's pretty big? It's from Ikea... I think she'll be able to sleep in it awhile.


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