Thursday, November 10, 2011

When you take a froggy to the beach in November

After naps today, I took Harps to a little playground-by-the-ocean. It was crazy beautiful. (Seriously, Connecticut! What's with you?) And we both needed it after a long week (of crayons? I don't know, it was just long) and not enough how-we-like-it time. Because what I've realized this past week or two, with moving and hovering and figuring and driving and such, is that my days -- my normal days -- are centered around her.

And it's mindfully so. Sure, I get my own stuff done. Nor am I a slave to her every whim. What I mean is, I've figured out what she needs and when -- it's a real flow, not a real schedule per se -- and I run our day that way. It works for us. She's content and I'm content and we roll and we roll and then we smooch and sleep and do it all over again.

This is a pretty cool slide, dude. And I dig my "ghost" sweater.
But, mom? I spot the water. Can't nothin' hold me back from that. 

So I'mma hand you my boots. And I'mma get my ocean pedicure on. Sweet November bliss.


  1. We take T to the beach at least a couple times a week and unlike that calm, Ocean beach in SF scares the bleep out of me. But we can't hold him back either - so no matter how cold, dude's IN the water. And he's sure to say "hot" when he gets in

    Cheers to your new beautiful surroundings!

  2. dada will be nearby with a towel and wipe for hands

  3. we're the same: flow vs. schedule :) and the days just zip by don't they?? sounds like you're settlin' in to your new enviro - glad to hear it! and how do you manage crayon time without graffitti art on the walls, furniture?? would love to know...

  4. @gigi: Ha! Hot! He and Harps would be great pals. Try Crissy Field for some calm ;)

    @leanora: days don't fly by ;) There are just too many hours to fill honestly! I probably need more pals and/or help and it might feel that way...

    And I'm sure cc has more passionate words on the subject, but we *don't* avoid graffiti art, unfortunately. She's gotten to (especially in Denver) the walls and couches and anything else you can imagine. She's learned it's a no-no but still sneaks in some Picasso here and there when I'm peeing or something. Crayola is insanely washable tho, so I don't sweat it. I think you might have fancier stuff than we do, tho :)

  5. def not fancy :) conventional with a twist: washable crayolas picked up at the drugstore. I think the awful truth is that I've given up trying to wash marks off of the couch! as far as hours, I suspect HJ is a much more efficient eater than H - meals take forever! and that eats up a lot of the day (sorry, sorry)


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