Sunday, December 04, 2011

We did it, we moved, we're alive

Oh, just leaving my secret garden. You?

Moving! Such a joy. A friend asked if it would be a hassle to visit because we've just moved and I'm all "No! We've always just moved." Because doesn't it feel that way? It's almost surprising to remember I lived in the same house for years and years and years growing up. That I wasn't an army kid, trying a different city every couple years. Anywho.

We've got a bunch of boxes left to unpack, but we're getting settled in slowly but surely. cc has done most of the unpacking, truth be told, and I'd like to publicly kiss his face to show my appreciation. Specifically, his meticulous attention to unloading and organizing my kitchen (my homey homey kitchen with a vintage metal bread drawer!) makes me want to break dance to something with a good hook.

Hop on. Next stop? Chocolate milk.

Harps is in her toddlerpants glory. Her toys and books are slowly appearing after a lonely few month tucked away, she's got loads of space to roam and kick her tiny soccer ball, and the apple cider doughnut holes have been flowing. Along with some usually unavailable treats purchased from my new favorite place on all of planet earth:

This was my second visit of the day.

Stew Leonard's. I can't even explain this place. There's a petting zoo outside? And animatronic shows that happen above the butter aisle? And tons and tons and tons of made-right-there sweets and baked goods and popcorn and fresh squeezed juice and weird funky things and it's like. Perfect. And entirely to blame for me eating much too many of these:

Everything a girl could ever want in two bites.

So the unpacking continues (and continues) tomorrow, but for now I kick back on my new (left behind by former tenants) chaise thing of greatness and eat my weight in kettle corn. Smooches!


  1. Yes! Stew Leonard's! I was going to tell you to go there IMMEDIATELY after you moved to Westport, but of course you found it on your own. I highly recommend: fresh juice from the pomegranate juice fountain they just have hanging out there, edamame dumplings, and house made mozarella. Oh, and their massive outdoor Christmas shop.
    Stew is basically my hero. Have fun in your new secret garden!

  2. COMING OVER! Yay for settling in!

  3. Wonderful news and the place looks ideal. Got enough furniture? Extra here in Texas just a u-haul trip away. :)

  4. I want those rainbow cake thingies. And your sweet stone cottage! Congrats guys!


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