Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Rainy dayz

Waiting on the train from NYC. My buddy came to visit and while away the rain.

 Rainy days over here in the shire. (That's where our cottage is, natch.)

It's taking a little adjusting to, this rain and very early (4:30?!) darkness. In Colorado, it almost never does anything but shine with sun. So we'd go outside for hours and hours at a time -- even in the dead of winter! -- up and down and around the sidewalks, parks, and backyards. Here it' It's not like that. Which, inherently is more me. I love cozy indoor things and I love rain and I love boots. (It's related, go with it.)

I've just never lived those things with a toddler in tow. Whew. Whew-ee.

What in the heck does one do with a tiny person when one isn't outside chilling in the sun? I don't think she could pick up knitting just yet.

I've been making lists of ideas for myself, because in the moment (when it's dark and wet and we've played with every single toy and read every single book and colored and danced to all of the 80's already) I sometimes just throw my hands up and put on a Caillou. Which, hey, that's not evil. Caillou is my good, bald friend. I just want to have a quick reference to look at before I grab the remote.

I've got things like: Play with soap and warm water in the sink, use potatoes and paint as stamps, shaving cream letters on her little table, pull out the felt board, make playdough, vacuum together (she loves it, shush), bake something, make a fort, drink have a tea party.

Other ideas, you cold weather lovelies out there?

Sometimes I get jealous of those days of yore, where there were a million siblings who lived in the same village and you just piled your kids together and they entertained each other while you made corn fritters. But other times I really, really love my quiet space. (And running water.)


  1. Dude, I don't know. We get a lot of Caillou over here!

    We've taken to getting giant roles of paper and making a big scene that makes sense with a certain set of stickers, then she decorates the city we created with people stickers, or the jungle with animal stickers, etc. that's the new flavor of the day.

    she also loves the ipad and building forts in addn to the usual stuff (books, coloring, etc). i will come back here for more ideas from others!

  2. We make all sorts of crazy stuff out of construction paper (lots of paper chains going on over here). we paint TP rolls, just for fun; they roll out, shape, cookie-cut/eat bread dough (while I'm in the kitchen baking), play with muscial instruments in front of the mirror, do yoga, finger paint in the bathtub, read (always with the reading...).

    When Sonja was smaller, I would put dry beans in a small bowl and give her a spoon to scoop the beans into a cup. Then she'd pour the contents of the cup back into the bowl. repeat.

    we also string a lot of noodle necklaces.

    and arrange fake flowers in a vase (montessori thing)...

  3. sharon7:06 PM

    i remember when i was little i would be very occupied for hours drawing. have you ever tried tracing harper on a huge piece of posterboard or mural paper? she could trace you too (or try to) and then you color yourselves in. i liked large mural drawing projects as a kid because you can keep adding to it, you're never done. just a thought!

  4. I saw a lacing toy yesterday that looked engaging...but it said for three plus age. I guess manufac was thinking the pieces too small. Still like lacing, buttoning, snapping (ouch!) type toys. Can she dress a doll or do magnetic type paper doll? Or decorating a super soft Christmas there such a thing?

  5. Christie5:50 PM

    When Cam was young, I seriously considered moving to a commune where all the laydeez and their babes hunker down together for the long winter months. Either that or get myself a sister-wife. But then I remembered I'm not a polygamist. (Seriously, tho, how awesome would a sister-wife be?)

    For sanity's sake, I had to frequently leave the house - library, children's museum, play dates, Target, bookstore, the MALL (gasp!). Sometimes, I would spend the entire day at my friend's house eating grilled cheese and chocolate cake.

    Or come visit your cuz in Maine!

  6. Thank you everyone!! Already employed a few of these!

    And Christie -- we're ALL about getting the hell out of the house... long road trips included :)


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