Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deer Prudence

Little piece of advice for parents-to-be? Don't purchase a velvet couch when you're trying to make a baby. Because then the baby will be made and then it will be born and then it will spit up breastmilk all over it and then draw all over it with ballpoint pen. Mmm. 

(I love that print -- it's of Union Station in Denver, right downtown where we first lived. We've collected little things from all the places we've lived and like to sprinkle them around. A future project is putting a big wall sticker of the Golden Gate Bridge on Harps' bedroom wall.)

Hey, so! Harps officially has a school for next fall. Score dot net! I decided on a different program after all, because while the nature one looks great, a chance meeting at the library last week steered us in a new direction. I don't want no crazies finding my chillun so I won't give any deets, but it really is my heart song vision for a nursery school. Very similar to the one I attended and full of good/warm/happy vibes. I had to pull her away (literally) kicking and screaming today, so I take that as a big thumbs up from her.

I love that this is out of the way, even though it seems incredibly ridiculous we have to do it almost an entire year in advance. I took the 7th of 8 spots! It's only December! What has this earth come to, yo? I guess I'm a part of it now, so I can't complain no mo'. (But I still will.)

What else what else what else...

Tonight, after a massive kitchen clean-up, I headed outside with the trash and recycling. Right there (right there) was a huge buck. Antlers all perky, he stared at me and stared at me while I inched forward and then backward again. Do male deer kill moms-in-sweats trying to take their milk bottles out? I asked myself. Not wanting to test my question, I tiptoed back inside and put on my slippers. cc assured me he "probably wouldn't have" and then we stepped out on our lit patio and watched the buck -- totally okay with us being there -- munch on our holly while his baby mama sat nearby.

Guess I won't ever be growing a vegetable garden here?


  1. Aaahhh! It totally stresses me out to read this. This whole preschool thing has me in a tizzy. I've been doing a ton of research and tours lately and I just can't find the right fit for us. I find that a lot of the programs are too daycare-ish and not enough structure/learning. Maybe my expectations are too high?? But if LJ can count and do her ABCs now, I kind of hope they will be teaching them something more come next fall, right?! In a play-learning way, you know? I actually love the idea of a nature centered program...there is one I love in the Groton/Dunstable area, but that's too far for us :/
    SO basically I'm happy for you (and really really jealous) that you found something perfect!

  2. When the males are in Rut (right now), they can be very dangerous, since they are not thinking straight - depends on individual personality.

  3. I used to be able to see Union Station from my office in Lodo. I kinda miss it since now all I see is the inside of a cube and sometimes I-25 out the window.

  4. Agree with rhm. Didn't want to frighten you, but some scary stories of deer vs man. Cute, cute picture of Harper. What a reader she is going to be, but not a surprise.

  5. Love your sofa and poster! Plus, from here - you totally can't tell there's breastmilk on anything.

    SO glad my hubbs made us buy leather.

  6. Ah poop. I have been pretending I can put off pre-school. Given that Harper is over 6 months younger than B, it seems I'm all sorts of behind. Weep. But in my defense, I don't really know if we'll still live here next year so...?

    Anil and I visited a place in Honduras (Roatan Island) that kept deer as outside pets. So weird! The deer would lick your hand and their tongues were super soft. But, uh, don't recomend such behavior state side.

  7. Our couch is white, haha. At least it has a removable cover that can be washed!

    The nursery school sounds perfect :)

    It's a ruthless thing, this waiting lists for the good baby things! I must have -just- missed out on getting into the birthing centre here, even though they take bookings at the start of every month, based on your due date, and my appointment was in the first week of the month. I'm still a little bit annoyed about that, even though I have midwife care I wanted the fancy birthing room and the home visits *sulks*

    I've also heard of people putting their kids names on waiting lists for childcare before they are even born! Eep!

    I like to leave things to the last minute but I am learning now that those habits will have to change~

  8. @MamaT: Don't let me stress you out! I can be weirdly quick with these things, as the back-and-forth stresses me out more...I got engaged/planned a wedding/got married in 6 months to avoid stress :) If you're interested in structure, you guys might be a good fit for a Montessori school... Do you have one in the area? You'll figure it all out and LJ will be a happy clam :)

    @Dad: Eep! Thanks for letting me know -- we'll be careful when we see the guys. They weren't around at all today, so maybe they've moved on...

    @Les: I liked Lodo... was a strangely good place for a tiny newborn and the eats were good. Are you out in Englewood now?

    @Gigi: Wish we had!!

    @Nav: Meh, I wouldn't sweat it. There's always people dropping out (they'll never get into Princeton!) and spots available, no matter what they tell us. Might you not be in the Minnyapple???

    @Lyndall: It was a hard adjustment for me as well, and I'm still not there! I remember having the hardest time finding her a pediatrician while i was still PREGNANT. Everyone was turning me away, saying it was too late. But I didn't even have a baby yet?! The world is crazy! The lesson I've learned is yes, try and get stuff done but even if you don't -- there's always a place SOMEwhere for us late gals ;) Glad you got into midwife care!!


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