Thursday, December 15, 2011

My biscuit

Yarn hat.

cc and I are obsessed with these pics because Harper looks like a real little girl in them. (Versus a wooden puppet?) Not a baby...a girl. I love it and I hate it and then I love it. We've been having a string of really good days. (And by "string" I think I mean...the last two. We had two days of bad tantrums before that. In full disclosure.) But these days are like damn! I'm totally awesome at this! Is someone filming?

Making the homemade playdough together, doing all the library visits, having tea parties, quietly coloring together at the sunny table near the window, wagon rides through the secret garden... On these kinda days, I'm grateful for all that work I've done on mindfulness. It takes practice not to worry about every little thing going on in the background and really be like dude! This is the life!

Do you guys know about layers? I'll teach you.

And hey! Speak of the devil. It's now 10 in the PM and while I was about to press Publish and start using up some of that new yarn... I've got a little friend munching peanut butter crackers next to me all the sudden. (Too long o' afternoon nap and can't stay asleep.) Le sigh. We just waved to the buck outside our kitchen window and now we'll read a few pages before we hopefully, oh-god-I-need-it, drift back down to sleepytown.

(Edited to add this next pic while she reads on her beanbag way-too-late because, well, it makes me feel all cheerful and stuff):

And to all a good night! Yo.


  1. She is going to be so easy to please...a bag of yarn and books. How can you top the picture by the fireplace....

  2. Woohoo for raising a reader!

  3. she does look like a little lady!

  4. Mad layers- love it....

  5. Love the layers and her expressions! And your cozy living room.... I want to curl up on your couch!

  6. Shorts and leggings/pants...amazing.
    I'm taking notes for my future endeavors in quirky/cute/perfect/awesome baby girl attire.


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