Thursday, December 01, 2011

We're moving here tomorrow

This teeny little pic will have to do for now... stole it off Zillow.

But soon we'll be taking our own pics as Harps eats grass and makes snowmen and poos behind the stonewall. Wee!

We found it our first couple days in town, just stumbled upon it while we were driving around the area. We weren't seriously looking yet -- thought we'd stay in temp housing for a few months -- but after taking turns running around the grounds while Harps napped in the car... we couldn't get it out of our heads. It was just too easy to picture us being us there.

So! Crazy fairy cottage nestled in the trees? Here we come.

*high fives Hansel and Gretel*


  1. That's incredible!!! You really hit the real estate jackpot there, huh?
    That's it; I'm definitely visiting now.

  2. christie8:12 AM


    And Libby continues to ask every five minutes if she can sleep over at Harper's house. She is telling EVERYONE about it. (My hairdresser now knows your life story.)

    So..... can Libby sleep over Harper's house? ;)

  3. Oh I'm jealous, what an awesome looking place.

  4. Looks like a fantastic find. Congrats.

  5. this is sooooocute! Congrats!

  6. Seriously this is straight out of a fairy tale. You all must dress as jolly gnomes and dance in the yard. I LOVE IT.

  7. So quaint and perfect!

  8. That is amazing. Total storybook.

    So happy for you!

  9. We'll see how fairy tale it looks once I get the old-school, full-size satellite dish installed on the front lawn. **FANCY**

  10. Thanks, everyone! Now, why can't we all live super close so I can make us some Earl Grey and show you around?


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